LIVE: PM Modi reached Chennai, will meet Xi Jinping in Mahabalipuram within the night | LIVE: PM Modi arrives in Chennai, will meet Xi Jinping in Mahabalipuram at 5 pm


Chennai: PM Narendra Modi has reached Mahabalipuram for an informal summit with Xi Jinping, President of China. Earlier, the Governor and Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu welcomed him at Chennai Airport.

PM Modi tweeted in Chinese language to welcome Xi Jinping. He said, 'I hope that this informal dialogue will lead to more relations between the two countries'. PM Modi said, 'I am happy to come to the great land of Tamil Nadu which is known for its unique culture and hosting. I am very happy that Tamil Nadu is hosting Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Let us tell you that the second informal summit between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Xi Jinping will start today in Mahabalipuram. The two leaders will meet in this ancient city at 5 pm.

Xi Jinping will reach Chennai at 2.10 pm on his two-day India tour. China (China) President Xi Jinping will go to ITC Grand Chola Hotel in Chennai.

In Chennai and Mahabalipuram, extensive preparations have been made to welcome Xi Jinping and Narendra Modi. Chinese President Xi Jinping will arrive at Chennai International Airport at 2.10 pm. The famous traditional dance of Kerala, Chenda Melam will be introduced to welcome her here. For this, the Chanda Melam dance artist has reached the airport.

Near the Panch Rath in Mahabalipuram, the Horticulture Department has decorated a huge gate to welcome Modi-Jinping. 18 types of vegetables and fruits have been used in its decoration. These fruits and vegetables have been sourced from various areas of Tamil Nadu. The 200 staff members and trainees of the department have worked hard to decorate this gate for more than 10 hours.

Modi-Jinping last met in Wuhan
Earlier in the year 2018, on 27 and 28 April, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Xi Jinping met in Wuhan. This meeting played a role in reducing some of the deadlock over Doklam in the year 2017. Since then it is going to be the next meeting.

Why was Mahabalipuram chosen for the meeting?
Actually, everyone wants to know why Mahabalipuram was chosen for the meeting of Chinese President and PM Modi in India? So the reason behind this is the ancient relationship of this ancient city of South India with China. Yes, Mahabalipuram has a nearly 2000 year old relationship with China. It is said that China's trade relations with Mahabalipuram are around 2000 years old. This port city situated on the seaside has such an old relationship with China that Chinese coins are also found here and in its vicinity.

Mahabalipuram was important in this sense …
Mahabalipuram or Mamallapuram was the city of the famous Pallava dynasty. Its trade as well as defense relations with China. Historians believe that the Pallava rulers opened the gates of Mamallapuram, located 50 km from Chennai, to countries in Southeast Asia, including China, so that their goods could be imported.

China's famous philosopher Xuan Tsang also came here in the 7th century. He was a Chinese traveler who was also a philosopher, wanderer and a great translator. Hiuen Tsang is called the 'Prince of Travelers'. It is said that Hiuen Tsang was inspired to come to India in a dream, after which he came to India and also visited all the holy places associated with the life of Lord Buddha. After this, he also traveled to the east and west areas of the subcontinent. He also translated Buddhist scriptures from Sanskrit to Chinese. Hiuen Tsang is believed to have taken 657 books of manuscripts from India. After going back to China, he spent the rest of his life translating these texts.

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