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Updated: Thursday, September 26, 2019, 0:01 (IST)

new Delhi. Mother Navratri Shardiy nine-day festival of worship of Durga September 29, 2019, starting from Sunday and will culminate with Mahanavami on October 7. The classical statement is that the worship of Goddess Durga gives quick relief from the suffering of the Navagrahas. The Shardiy Navratri the start times of the planet may be determined based on the planetary position in which the amount that is when its impact on native.

Happy Navratri for everyone

Happy Navratri for everyone

The Shardiy Navratri with Gtsthapana hand on September 29, 20l9 Sunday Star, Brahma is happening in yoga, Kinstugn Karan and witness the lunar Virgo. The lord of the Hasta Nakshatra is the Sun, the lord of Brahma Yoga is Ashwini Kumar and the lord of Kistughan Karan is Vayu. Along with this, there is also Amritasiddhi Yoga on this day and Mercury is going to transit in Libra. This position of the five limbs of the almanac is considered extremely auspicious. Because this day is Sunday and the constellation of Sun is also handmade. This Navratri will prove to be auspicious for all zodiac signs in one way or the other.

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Let's know what will be the effect on different zodiac signs.

  Mother Durga is going to show special kindness ...

Mother Durga is going to show special kindness …

  • Aries: Mother Durga is going to shower special blessings on the people of Aries zodiac in Sharadiya Navratri. Your enemies will be oppressed and you will emerge as the victor. Your confidence will increase and you are going to touch new heights in life on the strength of your relationships. The people of Aries zodiac will recite the Dum Durgayai Namah Mantra in Navratri, so all your wishes will definitely be fulfilled.
  • Taurus: The native of Taurus will move forward on the path of financial prosperity with the blessings of Goddess Durga, but keep in mind that this money should not be wasted. Your attraction effect will increase and you may receive a special honor. In Sharadiya Navaratri, if the people of Taurus sign worship the Ashtabhuja form of Goddess Durga, there will be benefit in every way.
  • Gemini: This Navaratri is going to be auspicious for those of this zodiac, as the lord of this zodiac Mercury will go into Libra, Venus, from the day Navratri starts. Their material comforts and resources will increase. New clothing and jewelery will be available. Happiness will come in married life. People of Gemini sign recite Durga Chalisa daily in Navratri.
  • Cancer: This Navaratri will prove to be intellectually auspicious for the Cancerians. That is, people who are more used to the use of mind functions, writers, teachers, scientists, mathematicians, they can get a great honor, fellowship. The natives of this zodiac should give food to the girls in Navratri and give them their favorite gifts.
Honor, increase in status

Honor, increase in status

  • Lion: Navaratri is going to have a very effective effect for this zodiac because Navaratri is starting with Sunday and Hasta Nakshatra. The lord of both is Surya and lord of Leo zodiac is also Surya. Honor, respect and status will increase. Although there will be an excess of expenditure, but will still be able to increase the fund. Make the recitation of Durga Saptashati regular.
  • Virgo: Mercury, the lord of Virgo, will transit in Libra as soon as the Navratri starts. This will have the effect that the happiness and respect of the Cancer sign will increase. This will be the time of cure. Will become financially strong. Visit the temple daily to see Goddess Durga in Navratri. Give gifts to girls as much as possible. Get food done.
  • Libra: The native of this zodiac will be financially endowed by the grace of Mother Durga, but remember that during this time one can take advantage of your naivety wrongly. Enemies are being activated. You may be a victim of some fraud. Make regular recitation of Durga Saptashati for destruction of enemies and protection everywhere. After this, also recite Siddha Kunjika Stotra.
  • Scorpio: The planetary positions of Navratri will prove favorable for the people of Scorpio zodiac. No matter where you are working in any field, you are going to be promoted and respected. This time Navratri will solve the problems of family life. To get the full grace of Mother Durga, one must offer a rose flower to the Goddess every day.
Do regular recitation of Chandika Stotra…

Do regular recitation of Chandika Stotra…

  • Sagittarius: The native of Sagittarius must read Chandika Stotra regularly in this Navratri. The doors of fate will open for you. Wealth will increase. You will enter your own new house. There will also be chances to buy a new vehicle. The young men and women who are unmarried should worship the Shiva family daily in Navaratri and offer sweets to the Goddess.
  • Capricorn: Navaratri will have auspicious effects for the natives for this amount. Your sphere of influence will increase. People associated with the fields of religion, astrology, yoga, spirituality will get many opportunities to advance in their fields. They will also strengthen your financial family status. Offer food to the poor in Navratri, give them clothes. If possible, keep fasting for Navratri.
  • Aquarius: The wealth of the people of Aquarius will increase. Will be required to buy new land, buildings, vehicles. Will start a new business in Navratri. Will take the old business forward. Will go on a religious trip with the family. Chant five garlands of the mantra daily Dum Durgayai Namah. Whatever you wish will be fulfilled, the full grace of Goddess will come.
  • Pisces: The planetary positions of Navratri will be special in many ways for this sign. If this Navaratri is properly practiced for the nine forms of Mother Durga, then there will be no crisis in life again. Wealth, rank, prestige, honor, happiness, wealth will increase. On the last day of Navratri, worship nine girls in the form of Goddess and have food and offer clothes.

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