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Norah Jones These Candy Phrases (Physician Moon Remake) – jj

Norah Jones These Candy Phrases (Physician Moon Remake)

beautiful remake of a beautiful song.



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  1. Who is Doctor Moon? Why is this the same mix as someone named Dani Zavera? It's a fantastic treatment to an already great song, but I want to give credit where credit is due – I heard this in a club in Irvington NJ, about 10 years ago (was promised a copy by the DJ at the time but that didn't materialize, hmmph…gut punch to this day!)

  2. Hey, It's Kanisha K How's it going!? Saw you were a fan of this great music and thought you might enjoy my original songs. Mind checking out my channel and letting me know what you think? Hope you enjoy it! -Kanisha K

  3. @ziya139 come back home……. :-)…. Theres no place like this place…its got everything love and madness…but its our country…love S.A…
    love this place and its beautiful people who make it what it is… PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN!! <3

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