October 2019 Normal Convention – Sunday Periods

All members of the Church are invited to participate in the 189th Semiannual General Conference of the Church.

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  1. Everyone in the church needs a powerful witness from the Holy Spirit to build a firm foundation, a lot of members are building their testimony upon men in the church and that’s not a firm foundation. All we have to do is turn to the book of Mormon for that spiritual witness for the book of Mormon contains the spirit of peace happiness security it’s a spirit of bliss. Once you feel that spirit in the book of Mormon you’ll never forget it and you don’t need leaders to reassure you about the truths that are contained within the gospel!

  2. I am not a "Mormon" I am just a Christian trying to navigate fallacy in our faith. I agree with so much of what I see already and literally every single time I have read I have found a message that touched my heart and/or answered a question or confirmed something I already knew but didn't know how or why I knew. I am only in 2nd Nephi but I eagerly read hope and the answers Joseph Smith got about the restoration of The Church are legit. I was invited by some missionaries that have been stopping by to come and watch and really enjoyed this. We watched 2 parts and they were both great.

  3. More Latino speakers, very appropriate, Thank you. Also, maybe we can someday have combined doctrine with Islam. We are One World Now. Not to be ignored. All religions have something to offer the Church. Also, the move toward accepting LBGT's into the conference as speakers would be welcome change. Reparations for African American & Native peoples would be respectful.

  4. Much to miss about the church from myself as a ex mormon. Just too much deception. Too many lies. All of which continue to be perpetuated. If all the faithful lds folks who believe in the idea that truth is of no value unless it promotes faith then I can simply say that your all exactly where you belong.

  5. Wow, it IS a million subscribers! I read the number of listeners who struck the "like" button 7+K … It is truly truly one outstanding, breathtaking conference! They always are! It's the best Church EVER on Earth! I LOVE MY CALLING, I LOVE JESUS, I LOVE MY NEIGHBORS, THEY THINK I AM A LITTLE WEIRD, BUT THAT'S OKAY! I LOVE MY LIFE AND AM GRATEFUL TO MY FATHER AND JESUS CHRIST FOR MY OPPORTUNITIES. Thank you for all the reminders. Love you, too. 🙂

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