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Panama Has Admitted That The Riah Tanker Seized By Iran Was Smuggling Oil, Countering US Claims – jj

Panama Has Admitted That The Riah Tanker Seized By Iran Was Smuggling Oil, Countering US Claims

This is an excerpt of The Daily Wrap Up 7/22.

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MT Riah tanker detained by Iran was smuggling oil: Panama maritime authority

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  1. Spot on Ryan..!!!!…I had the same interpretation of this event and you confirmed and added some more information to the issue wich validates my own opinion.!!!…Thanks Ryan….your program is my favorite of all the other chanels…..and I don't mean to be unfair to the other chanels …There are so many good reports and great people bringing us the real news from different channels..!!!…Best wishes from an Australian patriot…!!!!!!!!

  2. One plausible senario can be this. Considering that Panama is a small country in line with US policy, this situation was set up deliberately for Panama to object to, so that when in future Iranian tankers registered under Panamanian flag take oil legally to China and other places, Panama would cry foul and say this and that ship is smuggling oil and then everybody would believe Panama without question. The bigger picture may be to inbed the idea that absolutely any oil sold by Iran in future is illigal and smuggled because the US has sanctioned Iran oil and Panama is testifying to this.

  3. Recently i heard some weird news regarding death of yukia amano, Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency, unfortunately they didn't mention the source and I'm not completely sure about it's integrity, they said it could be either mossad, CIA job, since amano didn't want to lie about iranian atomic programs, just to put more pressure on iran, they may have murder him, but again I'm not completely sure about it.

  4. I do not understand why all these channels following this subject keep saying RIAH was carrying oil. IT WAS NOT CARRYING OIL. IT WAS CARRYING ONE MILLION LITERS OF PETROL " gasolin in america". Petrol is heavily subsidised in Iran; nearly 4 cent a liter. And iranian border gaurds are almost daily arresting fuel smogglers. There is a clip of seizure of that tanker on youtube showing Iranian sea patrols stopping the small tanker and discovering were the smoggled fuel was hidden in the belly of the tanker. Can we trust any so called political analysers to get the story right before they start commenting on it. Some of course unintentially and some definitately intentional.

  5. Please, the UK did not detain an Iranian tanker, it was a tanker carrying Iranian oil, This is important because it proves Iran is not seizing UK tankers tit for tat. This is what the US State Department wants people to think. If everyone keeps saying the UK detained an Iranian ship … thr friggen State Department wins.

  6. Now we have Boris "bojo" johnson as PM in the uk and donnie "little hands" trump in the u.s. then what has gone on so far is a drop in the ocean!! Its gonna be a race like some kind of Whacky races to see which one can come out with the most embarrasing and childish fustercluck!!! Just wait and see!

  7. The footage Iran released of their commandos repelling onto a ship was obviously a completely(much larger) different ship than the one pictured here. I just don't believe a word anyone is saying about this story.

  8. The zio neo cons are itching for war, you can see Bolton literally drooling into his walrus moustache, this is getting like dick dastardly and those pesky Iranians drat drat and double drat, bust again . Thank you Ryan I can't get this news in zio control UK.

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