Republicans, an entirely owned subsiduary of the insurance coverage business Anthony Weiner, Democrat NY

U. S. House of Representatives Feb.24, 2010 Wednesday 10:00 am CSPAN Representative Anthony Weiner, Democrat representing the state of New York, USA …



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  1. What inappropriate words were used in this debate?  The truth?!  

    "The clerk will report the words, the gentleman from NY will take a seat" – how about that for free speech!  At least it wasn't stricken from the record (since it's the truth) – but he was stopped from continuing.  

    And if there was no ruling from the chair as to whether or not the words were inappropriate, how can they asked to be "taken down" preemptively?  

  2. Now that we are starting to live through the beginnings of Obamacare we are seeing that the Democrats were financed by big insurance companies and hospitals, that big business favored Obamacare as a way to drive smaller competitors out of business and DEMOCRATS plotted against mid-America to their benefit. Remember the Klux Klan Klan was founded by and a part of the DEMOCRATIC party.

  3. @jpeditor

    To be a "liar", typically you have to lie. That is the definition of the word.

    So why are you using it in the a context where that does not apply? You sound like the Republicans who called an Australian a "traitor"

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