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Desire a Pleased Marriage? Watch This! Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan – jj

Desire a Pleased Marriage? Watch This! Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan

A lovely reminder for all the married/wannabe married brothers and sisters by Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan.



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  1. Nouman then why is it that this weakness is very special to muslims? God created them this way, why arent jewish men and christian men or buddhist men getting the same excuses about their so called uncontrolable desires? I would think it is not because of God but because of you being animals and not humans.

  2. This puppy Dogg silence will work with mom, son drugs alcohol girlfriend child out of wedlock moms forgive sons and bless and pray for them
    Try all that or 1 with your wife! Good luck a respected muslimah will never allow such abuse or indignity or injustice

  3. Oh shut up, “god made us horny men who can’t control themselves” this is the same excuse that men use when they rape women “I’m weak in this matter” this is not gods creation this is an excuse men have used for centuries and if this trait in men where women are not respected for their brain but their appearance is SO bad hen why would god make them in that negative way? Didn’t god say that was haram? So god MADE you to be haram? Get the hell out of here with your bullshit.

  4. salamu alaikum brother – I liked your speech, BUT kindly be informed that my mother offered me a woman who was good but i asked her to wear real hijab and she accepted it but after marriage i found her goes back to her old way and left hijab gradually – I tried to convince her in a kind way because i didn't want to be hard and tough but she underestimated that reaction that I'm weak man an we kept arguing in everything related to religion till i divorced her – and right now I'm waiting till Allah send me a good woman who likes to wear real hijab and NO ONE ASKS HER TO DO IT – advise me Shiekh if you can and call allah for me to give a good woman

  5. Married people complaining about their relationship problems all the time……LOL
    At least they have a significant other to complain about.
    People are so ungrateful for their relationships when they don't realize that some people don't even have anyone to complain about.

  6. Whoever thinks of Islam thinks about homosexuality. Islamic cultures are known for their love relationships between men and men and boys. I am convinced that if the Prophet Muhammad would still live, he would marry homosexual couples or even expand his harem in addition to children and women with young boys and men.

  7. My boyfriend is Muslim and i have no religion. I really want to get married to him but he appears hasitant. I started to research Islamic view, morals, and principles in marriage. I realized that we both are just week to our flesh and we both need to separate no matter how much we think we love each other. though im not religious, i honor and respect the natural laws of nature within the unniverse, and i honor what is right. Thanks for your explanation my descisions will be made wisely instead of emotionally. Love n Light in the eyes of truth Blakk Diamond.

  8. Today i was really upset and i still am my husband looked at other women and i felt really ugly and im now cryning i cant forget it and im still thinking about it noman khan made me feel better he says allah made them this way but still it hurtst me very much i do everything for him i cant stand when he looks at others i am jalous and i feel very sad what do i do?

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