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10th quick day of ISSSTE retirees and pensioners – jj

10th quick day of ISSSTE retirees and pensioners

The secretary general of the Coalition of Retirees and Pensioners of the State of Oaxaca, Arturo Villegas Bolaños, with 32 years as a teacher and 18 years of retiree, says to eltlacuiloTVsiempre: We demonstrate in fasting because the ISSSTE does not want to pay us our bonds of pantry and social security. Firmly, he says: no matter how long, we will continue in our demands, because we are assisted by law and justice.

Maria Eugenia Castellanos Alonso, retired from SEMARNAT where she worked as a secretary for 31 years, ten months and eleven days. He tells us that he started from that age in that dependency, in his native Oaxaca. The first year of work, in 1977, earned 200 pesos a fortnight. At the end of his working life, he ended up earning 8,500 pesos a month. He does not believe he has received more than two million in the almost 32 years of working for the government. "I feel helpless to see that one who worked so much will never have a decent house and that they do not want to pay us what we are entitled to," he concludes.
Gathering everything that the 18 fellow retirees who come from Oaxaca, we would not achieve what the ISSSTE director earns, much less buy us a house like that of the president's wife.

Salvador Hernández Garzón, 68, worked 41 years, six months, 15 days as a primary school teacher. I was a graduate of the Normal Superior of Mexico where I studied a postgraduate degree and was fortunate to train teachers as well. I worked as a federalized teacher earning 800 pesos a month and then working and studying at the Federal Institute for Teacher Training. In Oaxaca, the teacher informs us, there are few hospitals and the number of active and retired people grows and grows but the capacity for medical care has not increased.

The retired teacher Apolonia Flores Vázquez, after 30 years of work, retired with a pension of 500 pesos per month. Today he receives 5 thousand pesos monthly. It served 60 students, 30 in the morning and 30 in the afternoon. Our fight is fair, we want to be paid that money that rightfully belongs to us, he told eltlacuiloTV always.


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