indian railways mounted seats for tte examine the place to seek out in practice | TTE meets this seat in Rajdhani to Superfast trains, know right here


new Delhi : If you also travel in train then this news is for you. It is often seen that while traveling in a train, the traveler seeks the train ticket examiner (TTE), but TTE is not found. In such a situation, the traveler keeps wandering here and there. We will tell you that the railway has fixed such a system, in which passengers do not have to search for TTE. According to the railway circular, the berths of TTE and security guards are fixed in all categories of trains. With this step of the railway, passengers traveling on waiting and RAC tickets get the facility.

Action can be taken while lying on the floor
Usually passengers traveling on RAC and waiting tickets look for TTE in search of seats, when such passengers do not get TTE, sometimes they travel by sitting or lying on the floor of the bogey. Let me tell you, doing so is against the rules and action can be taken against you. So it is better to meet TTE than travel on the floor. We tell you which train's TTE will meet at which berth.

Capital and Intercity
In Shatabdi, Rajdhani Express as well as mail and express trains, TTE has fixed 7 numbers of every sleeper coach for berth TTE. At the same time, if you are traveling on an intercity train, then you will not have to wander in search of TTE. Rather, the number of berths in the TTE Alternate Coach ie D1, D3, D5 and D7 will be TTE's.

If you are traveling in Garibrath (Chaircar), then in this type of train also you will get 7 number berths in TTE Alternate coaches G1, G, 3, G5, G5 coaches. At the same time, if you travel in the economy class of Garib Rath, then TTE coaches will have 7 berths in B1 and BE1.

Superfast train
Passengers traveling on the Superfast train will have to board the A1 coach to meet the TTE. Berth number 5 in A1 coach will be fixed for TTE. For RPF and GRP staff also, the railway has placed 63 number berth of S1.

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