I've Been Tagged *5 Info About Me*

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My new album is now out! 😀 I’m so so happy! Thank you for your constant support & encouragement. This album would not have come to fruition had it not been for you. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. If you’d like to get a signed physical copy, here is the link! 🙂 http://www.teamlavie.com/shop

I’ve been Tagged a few times now Airto tagged me, listenky tagged me and a few others but I can’t remember who… GRrrr. I was trying to ignore this Tagging bit, but it’s gone out of control so I thought I’d join the fun!

People I choose to tag






I know that My mom and Debonair will be the only 2 who wont want to post, So everyone please send them some hate mail if they don’t. Thank you! lol

Seems as though everyone on youtube is getting tagged, This is out of control, but I love it.

Tag Tag Tag…
Wish I could have tagged all of team Lavie.. E E E


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