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NeuralCam app brings Evening Mode images to all iPhones – jj

NeuralCam app brings Evening Mode images to all iPhones


Apple iPhones were known for taking really bad photos in low-light. Apple fixed this issue with the latest iPhone 11 series in which the new Night Mode feature takes great photos in low-light. While most of the Android OEMs release their latest camera features to older devices at some point, Apple won’t be releasing its new Night Mode to older iPhones. Even the last year’s iPhone XS cannot have the new Night Mode feature.

If you really want Night Mode feature, instead of upgrading to the new iPhone 11 series by spending a fortune, I would recommend you to check out the NeuralCam app in App Store. NeuralCam
app shoots vivid, brighter and clearer images in low light conditions, with no tripod or other equipment needed. The process of taking Night Mode photos in NeuralCam app is similar to the process found in Google Pixel devices.

Here’s how it works:

  • Open the app and hold your camera steady for a few seconds as you take the photo.
  • NeuralCam captures a varying number of frames and uses advanced image processing algorithms and machine learning to intelligently merge the frames and brighten the colours to obtain a single high-quality image.
  • Image processing completes in a few seconds (this might vary depending on your device type).
  • The result: a clearer, brighter, sharper, more defined, and colourful image.
  • Swipe down on the photo to go back to camera view

This app works on iPhone 6 and newer devices, running iOS 12 or newer. However, processing speed and image resolution varies based on the device capability. This app will be useful for iPhone 11 series device owners in a different way. Apple has restricted Night Mode to primary wide-angle and telephoto cameras alone. But this NeuralCam app brings Night Mode to the iPhone 11 Ultra-Wide and Front-facing cameras.

Take a look at the below images. The first image was shot using default camera app on iPhone XS while the second image was shot using NeuralCam app on iPhone XS.

You can download the app here from Apple App Store.

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