Constancy in the word of God is what gives you a result. Keep hearing the word of God and it will produce result in your life. Singles and married TV is a platform …


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  1. Thanks Pastor for this video,the issue of being beaten by a spouse is a very tricky one as spouces have been known to destroy or maim their wives through battering them,to put all the blame on the woman is unfair as many men don't really need a reason to beat their wives,countless surveys and reports prove this they don't have to be mad to do so but can be emotionally damages, victims of child battery,drunk,bullies ,had violent Dads or just have issues to name a few.In such a case where returning can be life threatening I wouldn't say divorce but certainly separate and or get a temp restraining order if you can't ,go far from him o an unknown relative and go and get serious counselling and prayer help for both of you,seek Gods face but don't return to him till he repents genuinely even then make sure he goes for Counselling and intense prayers is accountable to a genuine Pastor who cares,go for self defense classes in boxing or wrestling if you must ( the only ones I recommend) To stay with such and do nothing can be life threatening and has been to many a woman. We must consult God individually on such matters ,the above can take a year or 2 but no less than 6 months better than than wake up dead, no one will be accountable for you if you do,life is too precious handle with prayer,Jil

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