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what attracts males essentially the most about ladies (Chuckle your strategy to a greater marriage) – jj

what attracts males essentially the most about ladies (Chuckle your strategy to a greater marriage)

All credits must go to Laugh Your Way, America and Pastor Mark Gungor for his wonderful work!!! watching your show makes me understand a lot of things and …



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  1. I lost the love of my life because she doesn't like herself and pretend I made her like that… but you know what? She was only like that because she was trying to attract me… and that's stupid because I was (and still am) so much in love with her… She's the most amazing, beautiful, exeptionnal person that have ever lived… and she dumped me because she persuaded herself I don't realy like her
    That's sad…

  2. Confidence & Arrogance are fostered by 2 different spirits.

    ONLY the true born again male discernes which spirit is in or upon her.

    No degree of seduction, accusation, lying, & warring against such men…

    Can change this..
    The answer…Repent & Become a new creation in Christ – read the King James 1611 and no other….

    Until you become truly lady-likable, and no longer respusive by demanding that we men are intimidated by your outward beauty, deceitful charm, & arrogance, which you call…. "confidence"

  3. I worry that people these days confuse confident with overconfident – having an attitude of 'I'm all that' is NOT sexy. I particularly worry that the role model for black women is very limited, as if 'strong' means 'aggressive' – particularly the idea that being verbally aggressive is just being 'sassy' and that's supposed to be sexy. Trust me, being aggressive is not attractive in men or women. Women deserve better role models where strength is measured not by a 'sassy attitude' but by personal integrity, kindness and wisdom.

  4. Hate to break it to all the feminists out there… but it's all laughable! Let me tell you where the problem began… the liberation of women! See everyone is so caught up on women's rights, let me tell you something. Women at that tkme didn't want to be liberated! They didn't want to have to do things like fire duty, enlist in a draft, they were content. Take a look at tje problems today. Not just with women, but with in general. 75% of these problems come from not having a relationship with one their parents. That being said, when do you think that changed? With the liberation of women. Up until that point 75% of children were born into a healthy family dynamic. Today, 65% of kids today are born out of wedlock. You are brainwashed if you think the liberation of women was about rights. It was about TAX dollars. As bad as we sau Hitler was, we are running with his belief. Hitler said with the youth of Germany, he could accomplish things unimaginable. What agenda do yiu think thr public school systems push? For example… they put into kids heads that being gay is as normal as being straight. They educate about homosexual sexual relations. And guess what? You don't even have to sign a permission slip like it was in my day when they taught about straight sex. Almost all women including my ex wife wishes she could stay home to raise our kids. Guess what? Almost impossible to live off of one salary today! What about male privaledge? Also a lie. A simple accusation of hitting your female spouse by your female spouse and men are hauled off to jail! Even innocent people… Dcfs, The courts, everyone sides with the female… what do you think that does to a woman? Let me tell you, the court system in anything but just. We sit in jail till we prove our innocence. You know what happens when the courts find out accuser filed a false police report? Nothing! My ex-wife pit on 50 lbs. and that wasn't what put me off! Women are terrible communicators! After being insulted soo many times, ahe threatened to call the pilice for nothing.. I leave, she changes the locks and begs me to come back 2 days later. Now, she's got so much ugliness about her I couldn't find anytjing I loved about her anymore. She threw my things away one too many times, insulted ne in front of mt kids one too many times, refused to changr like everything was my fault. Why? because that's what the courts instilled backing the incorrect person. Male privaledge my ass. I told ger the day would come that id leave if things didn't. Guess what? I left. They didn't change. I changed everything she disliked, while she made a conscious effort to tell me every chance she got how everything was my fault. Now she's begging me to come back. 15 years of marriage thrown away. Every female at the place I work at makes more money than me and every other male except the 2 owners. Are u kidding? when I left I own half the house btw. she held my tools hostage i need to work but the next breath cried she had no money. I called the police, to have record asked if they could come out at leadt to show im roing things right. They told me write down the time and date I called and the calls are recorded but they would not send an officer out. You know what happened the last time this happened and I stayed in th house and she wanted something and called tje cops? 3 squad cars showed up and and said if i didn't let her ger her things I would be arrested. If your man is looking at other women, evaluate yourself. if youve put on 50 lbs. go exercise, if youve become miserable and refuse to change… then change! What more do you want? weve lowered the standard to become a fireman or police officer to accommodate woman, cops and courts side with you guys no matter what when it comes to DV accusations, And that attitude you teach to your kids. So if yiure a whining sniffling woman with 2 daughters youve just created 2 more of you. You want to do everything men do and demand your door be opened, and your chair pulled out… but reproductive organs don't even determine gender anymore! That's what I was taught in biology.. now If your a woman.who should have been born a man it's politically incorrect not to partake in your deception! Give me a fucking break! There's a lot of women who mistake arrogance for confidence, and my bet is those are the same women complaining all the time. Shit or get off the pot. Change yourself instead of trying to change the world and the problems will work themselves out. That can't happen until you admit there is a problem. stop watching desperate housewives and novellas and pick up a self help book, read the bible, meditate, sometjing other than bitch for the love of humanity!

  5. It's not only self inflicted. Men who are not self aware themselves (by means of education and culture), feel intitled to vocally mock women's physique..vocally, sharing their thoughts with buddies or letting the woman in question hear of it..usually on the streets, randomly, or on the social netword … When that opinion is not sollicited and is out of place..or isn't even the point. Those opinions are often built on those surreal standards he is speaking of. Men forget what a real woman..or let's say an average woman looks like without 'the fake stuff or whatever laser/surgery/ costly beauty care.. This man is one of the last not to expect surreal stuff from women..some men do not even realise that a grown up woman have body hair and that is healthy and normal and not a crime or lack of hygiene nor an abomination…

  6. It is funny because it’s true. We don’t “turn out” or purposely think this way. We’ve been cultured into it from babyhood. Boys are raised freer while girls are fussed over ten times as much. Girls are being sent home from school for wearing comfortable pants that apparently are “distracting” to boys.

    Even women are harsh and highly judgmental on other women, celebs and regular alike. How do mother-in-laws treat their daughter-in-laws versus their son-on-laws? You want to insults and tear a woman down the first thing you attack is every little thing you could find wrong about her looks – the first thing you want to do to complement women is on her looks – like that is her whole value. We forget that so much deep traits make a character and put far too much energy on the superficial, men and women alike. Even seen men going through a magazine on who they’re date, saying Britney Spears looks “too muscular” while they look like Barney? We already have that broken track of trying to attain a perfect image playing in our heads from age 0 anyways.

    Oh, and of a woman thinks “highly of herself” she is “over confident” or “rude” or a “bitch” while men are encouraged on even actual arrogance. Lose-lose situation. And it takes time to get to know a confident woman. It’s usually “You know… when I first met you I thought you were rude and an upstart. But now that I got to know you I’ve learnt that you know what you want and you don’t take bullshit from nobody.” “Um… thanks?”

    Break the cycle and start seeing people for people. Yes even children, and even yourself.

  7. That aint me I love the cameras on me 😂😂😂. My husband knows this. I pass and watch myself in the mirror. If you wait for compliments from your husband no no. You got to feel good about yourself. He sure right Black women what you looking at?? 😂😂. Confidence rocks

  8. Women have got to get to the point that they don’t worry about what men or other women think of them. We need to care about who our Heavenly Father says we are in Our Lord Jesus Christ. We are to please Him. Not in outward beauty but with what’s in our heart.

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