100% Secure Collection Undertaking | Metal and artificial fiber cables – Half 2 (Full Model)

Caution never hurts with steel and synthetic fiber cables. So it is worth reading more about them to work safely. Everything not in perfect condition should be replaced.

Inspection must be daily: Check that the cable is corroded, worn, crushed, flat, with broken cages or wires; check out the splices and connections; bent or twisted cables are not repairable.

Pulleys also deserve periodic inspection. Do not use a new cable on a damaged pulley as this will shorten its life and is dangerous. Also see the cable ties and winding on the drum.

Avoid sharp edges, overloads, violent shaking and knots.
Keeping the wire rope free of corrosion is simple. In addition to protecting the fiber core, lubrication helps moving parts slide easily. Wear reduces the strength of the cable. Therefore, always keep the equipment clean and apply lubricant with a brush.


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