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Atheism is Racism – jj

Atheism is Racism

Paul from Chicago IL, argues that Atheism has to imply “racism”. Matt Dillahunty & Jen Peeples try to explain to Paul that Atheism does not imply racism.



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  1. So many people seem to have a problem understanding that the concept of equality is about granting all humans equal opportunities and liberties and NOT that we all are or should be the same. There is significant difference between simply identifying and recognising certain genetic attributes/traits as opposed to doing so and then arbitrarily ascribing certain value judgements to them as a means of evaluating someone’s potential or worth, independent of their behaviour or actions, and using this as a justification for how they should be treated

  2. The irony is that Christians will publicly acknowledge and demonstrate an understanding that racism is bad!
    Yet they tend to defend voting for parties and policies that are overtly racist.

    Then rather than learning from their mistakes, they point the finger at atheists.

    It’s like they want to be racist, and defend the position by hiding behind god, then blame humanists. Hmmmm
    They should apply for jobs at Fox.

  3. Subspecies is apparently a term used, though with humans, race is seemingly the more common term because we don't tend to apply taxonomy to humans anyway.

    But also, it occurs to me (I could be wrong), isn't the morphological differences we see in humans more adaptation rather than evolution proper in terms of speciation?

  4. half the population of the USA is below average in IQ. most of them are religious. most of them are poor. most of them were indoctrinated as children into the religion they have. most of them are sincerely looking for the truth. most of them will fail to transition from religion to atheists. we are going to be stuck with these people until the spell is broken. the cycle of indoctrination from one generation to another needs to be broken if we're ever going to get rid of religion entirely. by the way, after I die I'm going to round up a lot of like-minded people and we're going to storm the city of god and kill him.

  5. His defense for slavery is…. Well what are you gonna do with the people after you forcibly invade someones homeland and slaughter them to the point of resignation….. What are you going to do with the "survivors"???

  6. Thank God I'm not an Atheist! Talk about twisting truth into pretzels. Atheism is a faith based hate idealogy of liars, fools and those they have deceived in rebellion against God Almighty. The default position scientifically for the godless is a self creating, self designing, self fine tuning, self operating universe. Its not obvious to Atheists the universe loaded with evidence of the genius of its Creator needs an Operator. They presume it runs by itself. Who do you think replaces a planet or a star when old? That's why we are advised in the Holy Book there will be a new heaven and earth after the 1000 year reign of Christ. Will you be there? That is the question. ''The meek shall inherit the earth and delight themselves in the abundance of peace. '' Go to my free online Bible school for more learning. Walkintheanointing.com

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