Super and Loc.off 1: We present the first auto insurance with lost time insurance included.

We see how the off is written on the screen. At the end of forming the holder it will pierce the AXA switch located in the middle of the image. While listening to the second off, the AXA switch will perform an effect simulating the hands of a clock accompanied by a sound effect that will simulate the passage of time. Then a 60 minutes will come in which accompanying the speech will be transformed into a + € 60 in which it will appear on the big screen along with a sound effect that will simulate the noise emitted by a cash register.

Super: – 60 minutes
+ € 60

Loc off 2: Switch to AXA and we guarantee that the crane will arrive in less than an hour. And if not, we compensate you with 60 euros.

The supers with the phone, the contact Web and This is one of the 10 AXA commitments will appear on the screen once the phrase of the first off is formed.

Super: 902 013 012 www.axa.es
This is one of the 10 AXA commitments

We will close with AXA Reinventing car insurance all accompanied by corporate music.

Super Loc off 3: AXA, Reinventing car insurance.

AXA closing music


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