Large improve in costs of greens | Inexperienced greens turn into 'pink', individuals are shopping for in Pav by asking for the worth of kg. Inexperienced greens turn into 'pink', individuals are shopping for in Pav by asking value of kilo


new Delhi: After the departure of the monsoon, there has been a break on the skyrocketing inflation, with the prospects of improving the arrival of green vegetables including onions, tomatoes in major mandis of the country, but retail prices are still so high that the kitchen The budget has gone wrong In most parts of India including Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Patna, green vegetables are so expensive that people are saying green vegetables turned red. At present, almost every green vegetable in the market is being sold for 60-100 rupees per kg. It is being seen at the vegetable shops that when the shopkeepers are telling the price of a kilo, then people are going to walk by buying a whole lot of vegetables.

The price of garlic has risen further due to skyrocketing and the budget of the kitchen of housewives has doubled. According to official figures, the inflation rate of vegetables has increased by 15 percent in September last month, while the prices of vegetables have increased more than double in retail shops.

Garlic Rs 250-300 per kg
Despite the government's efforts to keep the prices of onions and tomatoes under control, consumers are getting onions above Rs 50 per kg in major cities of the country and tomatoes are being sold for Rs 60-80 per kg. Garlic is 250-300 rupees per kg. Prices of other green vegetables are also very high. Here, the price of potatoes has also increased.

Vegetable spoiled kitchen budget
Housewife Sharika, a resident of Mandavali, said that two months ago, the same amount of vegetables used for Rs 500, now more than Rs 1,000 has to be paid for the same vegetable, due to which the budget of the kitchen has been spoiled. He said that the price of tomatoes, onions and garlic has increased, the prices of gourd, cabbage, parwal and other green vegetables have also increased.

According to the retail price list of food items on the website of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution, the retail price of onions in the country's capital Delhi was Rs 52 a kg on Friday, while on September 18 last month, the price of onions was also Rs 52. Was only kilo. However, according to the website of the ministry during this one month, the retail price of onion rose by Rs 60 per kg.

Tomato 80 rupees kg
According to this price list, the retail price of tomatoes in Delhi was Rs 56 per kg on Friday, while a month earlier on 18 November it was Rs 36 per kg. In this way, tomato is still expensive by Rs 20 as compared to last month, while tomato price has risen by 60 rupees per day. The ministry said in a statement on Friday that Mother Dairy in Delhi has assured not to sell tomatoes at its successful outlets at a price higher than Rs 55 per kg. If you go to the retail market of Noida, then tomatoes are being sold up to 60-100 kg. Cabbage is being sold for Rs 80-100, Brinjal 60-80, Okra 60-80, Torai 60-80, Gourd 40-60 per kg.

According to the official price list of the APMC (Agriculture Produce Market Committee), the wholesale price of onion in Delhi's Azadpur vegetable market was Rs 17.50-35 per kg on Friday, while the incoming was 703.5 tonnes. At the same time, the wholesale price of tomatoes was Rs 12-40 per kg and inward 349.7 tonnes. The wholesale price of potato in Azadpur mandi was Rs 6-24 per kg while its arrival was 1,478.1 tonnes. An official of Azadpur APMC said that after the water from the fields in the major producing states of onion and tomato, their arrival is expected to improve in the coming days.

According to the official data on retail inflation released this week, in the previous month, the rate of inflation of vegetables increased by 15.40 percent as compared to September 2018, while the inflation rate for food items increased by 5.11 percent.

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