Kamlesh Tiwari homicide case Pakistan connection! right here is full particulars | Pakistan connection of Kamlesh Tiwari homicide case! The plan got here from Dubai to Surat, the outcome was executed in Lucknow!


new Delhi: The connection of Pakistan has emerged behind the murder of Hindu Samaj Party President Kamlesh Tiwari. The murder was planned in Dubai and preparations were made in Surat. Later this plan was executed in Lucknow. Gujarat ATS has added many links in the investigation of Kamlesh Tiwari murder case and it has come to light.

Gujarat ATS has arrested Rashid, Mohsin and Faizal from Limbayat area of ​​Surat. During the interrogation of Rashid, there is a big disclosure. Rashid's connections with Karachi Pakistan have been revealed. The owner of the company in which Rashid worked in Dubai has been revealed to be from Karachi in Pakistan. Whether or not Rashid has gone to Karachi, ATS is making inquiries in this matter. ATS has also started investigation regarding terrorist organizations.

The police reached the accused through a box of sweets bought from Surat. Actually, in 2015, Kamlesh Tiwari made a comment against the Prophet. During that time, Rashid Pathan's brother had thought of committing a murderer with Mayudin, but he could not do it.

In 2017, Rashid went to Dubai where he used to work in an IT company and recently Rashid came to Surat 2 months ago. After coming to Surat, Rashid again hatched a conspiracy to kill Kamlesh Tiwari, for which Rashid had talked to Molana Mohsin living in his building. Mohsin said that "fair and murder" has been spoken in the Saryat and Quran which says that there is no sin in killing them.

Rashid, who was staunch about Maulana, decided to kill Kamlesh himself, for which brother Mayudin refused and Rashid went to execute the crime with Asafaq. Faizan and Rashid went to buy sweets from Dharti Sweet Shop in Surat, after which they bought pistols and knives from Surat and hid the killer in a box of sweets. On 16 October, at 9.55 pm, the train left for Lucknow.

On the train, he changed his dress by wearing a beard and dressed in saffron clothes as a Hindu. After staying in Lucknow for a day and a half, he escaped after killing. Asafak and Rashid's brother Mayudin is still absconding, who is feared to be hiding in North India. The CCTV in Lucknow has not been able to identify the woman seen with both of them and the police do not have any information about the role of that woman in this case.

On the other hand, Rashid's father, accused in the Kamlesh Tiwari murder case, declared his son innocent. Rashid's father said that Rashid used to do computer work in a shop in Dubai. Rashid came to India from Dubai only two months ago.
Rashid came to India for his brother's wedding. Rashid's father said that his son Bohot is a straight boy and he can never do such work. Rashid used to help a lot in the house too and took special care of his mother especially because his health was poor.

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