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UK MPs favor delay of Brexit deal – jj

UK MPs favor delay of Brexit deal


Boris Johnson

British MPs have voted in favor of delays of the Brexit deal.

With this, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's proposal to pass the Brexit deal has not been passed.

After this, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will have to ask for more time permission from the European Union for the Brexit deal.

However, Boris Johnson has denied seeking more time from the European Union. Britain has to tell the European Union by 31 October for a Brexit deal or no deal.

What happened in September?

Earlier in September 2019, rebel MPs of the ruling Conservative Party, along with opposition MPs, defeated the government in Parliament.

This was the first examination of Boris Johnson in Parliament after he became Prime Minister in July. But in a vote on a resolution on the Brexit issue, he was supported by only 301 MPs while 328 MPs opposed him.

Their defeat means that now these MPs have been influenced by the Parliament and they can stop Brexit without any deal, without the UK having to break away from the EU.

While Boris Johnson has said that whether the deal is there or not, by 31 October Britain will be separated from the European Union.

Now, to avoid this deadline, the rebel and opposition MPs can make a bill on Wednesday and get the law passed by both the houses of Parliament.

Annoyed with the defeat, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that he will come up with a proposal in Parliament to conduct a general election ahead of time.

Boris Johnson said, "Since I do not follow his plan, we have to decide. I do not want the election, the people do not want the election, but if this bill is passed tomorrow, the public will have to make the election. 17 Who will go to Brussels on October to resolve this issue and take the country forward. "

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Jeremy Corbyn

Boris Johnson became the Prime Minister of Britain in July itself.

Leader of the Opposition, Labor MP Jeremy Corbyn, said that the Prime Minister should support the resolution opposing the no-deal on Wednesday.

Jeremy Corbyn said, "I welcome the decision on voting. We live in a parliamentary democracy, not a presidential democracy. The Prime Minister governs with the consent of the House of Commons which is the representative of the people. They have no problem with wanting to bring a proposal, but before that they should pass the bill which is without any agreement to secede from the European Union. The wrath. "

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MP Philip Lee

21 Tory MPs rebel

In the UK, 21 Tory MPs along with rebel MPs and Boris Johnson over Brexit supported the opposition to defeat their own government. These included many former cabinet ministers.

Before the final contest, the ruling Conservative Party MP Philip Lee switched sides and joined the Liberal Democrats. Boris Johnson was addressing Parliament, when MP from Brecknell Philip Lee got up and went to the opposition camp.

After the result of the voting in Parliament, Prime Minister's Office Downing Street has said that the whip will be snatched from the Tory MPs who revolted.

This means that these MPs will be expelled from the Parliamentary Party of the Conservative Party.

Overall, a situation like a cross-border battle between Parliament and government has been created in Britain.

Parliament does not want Britain to break ties with the European Union without an agreement, and Boris Johnson became Prime Minister by promising that the agreement, whether or not the UK would break away from the EU on 31 October.

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Britain divided over Brexit

Last month, Prime Minister Johnson suspended Parliament. When senior members of the opposition called it illegal, Johnson had said that they wanted to bring a new law, so they are doing so.

Now it was hoped that on September 10, the Parliament would be suspended and would not be restored until October 14. At the same time, Britain was to exit the European Union.

Significantly, there is an ongoing phase of support and opposition to Brexit in Britain. Those who are opposing it call it a disaster and say that suspending Parliament will damage British democracy.

At the same time, those who want to get out of the European Union feel that MPs are ignoring the opinion of British citizens through the No Brexit Deal.

Significantly, in 2016, 52 percent of people in Britain supported Brexit and 48 percent people opposed it.

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