Meals and stress are instantly associated to zits. Pimples has a direct relationship with meals and pressure, additional revelations in analysis


Madrid: Wrong eating habits, stress and wrong skincare are some of the major reasons that are directly related Acne Is from It has been revealed in a research. Presented at the 28th European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology Congress in Madrid, this research tested these harmful factors of acne in more than 6,700 participants from a total of six countries.

"For the first time, this research allows us to identify factors related to it before treatment prescriptions," said lead researcher Brigitte Dano from the University Hospital of Nantes in France.

The results suggest that acne was higher among individuals consuming dairy products daily, i.e. 48.2 percent of the people who consume dairy products regularly have pimples, while 38.8 percent of those who do not. is.

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This difference was statistically significant for soda or syrup (35.6 percent vs. 31 percent), pastries and chocolate (37 percent vs. 27.8 percent) and sweets (29.7 percent vs. 19.1 percent).

Surprisingly, 11 percent of acne-prone individuals use whey protein, compared to 7 percent of non-acne-deficient individuals and 11.9 percent of people using anabolic steroid, as opposed to 3.2 non-acne-deficient individuals. Apart from these, dust and pollution are also its important factors.

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Not only this, the use of highly chemical-rich products for skincare is also responsible for acne.

It has been said in this research that tobacco, which has previously been shown to be a possible cause of acne, has not shown its effect in this research.

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