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MacBook Professional 2011 doesn't sleep when lid is closed. – jj

MacBook Professional 2011 doesn't sleep when lid is closed.


I replaced my keyboard backlit and speakers (all), recently after watching ifixit and other youtube videos guidance. Everything went smooth, backlit was mesmerising for few days, until few days ago, I realised the laptop won’t sleep when the lid is closed. It eventually does due to Mac OS auto sleep after no activity, but it doesn’t wake either when lid is opened. I reopened back cover, changed hard drive cable from 2012 to 2011, re-opened and closed battery connector and indicator, all other connections, checked magnetic field on screen and on top of SD card socket. Everything is fine. I still don’t get the MacBook Pro to sleep/wake with the lid mechanism.

I find it annoying because after replacing a part, a new part or repair is required. I can keep going, but the battery is draining when I close my laptop during night time. It was not like that before, it stayed more or less same during whole night because it was sleeping. I am worried if this issue may have effect on the board sometime in future.

Can anyone help in this regard?

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