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Squats and stuff II: My coaching program. LIFETIME DRUG-FREE. – jj

Squats and stuff II: My coaching program. LIFETIME DRUG-FREE.

315 x 25. 13 days since I worked my legs last. My lower back was not feeling great today, so this set was my only work set for squats. It was my upper back that was failing at the end, not my legs.

In going over my training logs, I spoke incorrectly a couple of times. The logs are correct, not what I said.


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  1. Seeing your video reminded me, many years ago I used to communicate with a researcher, Mathias Wernborn, back then I think he said he trained each muscle once every 10 or so days, and he was and still is, one of the top muscle physiology/hypertrophy researchers, so he must have some idea what he's talking about 😉 Very cool to see someone making great long term natural gains like this, great job man!

  2. the only thing missing is rep range and intensity…now I'm strongly assuming with the low frequency and extended rest time you are training everything with high intensity and going to failure vs straight sets and hitting failure on last set…also rep range seems to be mostly 8-12 reps with the exception of a couple heavy sets mixed in but never going lower than 6 reps?

  3. I learned a lot from you just seeing how you lift…I have been actually training for metabolic stress/strength instead of pure strength by not stopping in between reps…I see how you pause regroup for a second…take a deep breathe and go again…this is very simple approach and comes instinctively to increase strength instead of metabolic stress by just pumping out reps without pausing…I'm going to incorporate this into my training and without a doubt I know I'm going to see increases in strength from it…

  4. Very informative. Most natural trainers will do well employing something to this degree.
    I have found that you need to experiment to determine your own ideal rest days; considering other variables such as rest, diet and all other outside responsibilities which may impact recovery and over-compensation.

  5. Damn 405 for 17 is insane, and I can't believe you repped 315 for over 20 reps the set right before it lol. Have you always been really active in between workouts though? It seems like you do a lot of heavy labor type of work. I'm guessing that's the reason you can go so long in between workouts and still keep up your work capacity.

  6. I've been training using a basic full body routine of anywhere form 4-7 exercises for 1-3 sets each done just once every 7 days for the last 20 years. People just look at me like I'm nuts when I explain that's all I do. If you're really going all out you just don't need much volume or frequency

  7. Fantastic to see you lay things out. Thank you.

    I am 38 yrs old, doing much the same but it's getting harder to recover… I've been hitting everything every 9-10 days, used to be 7, lately been thinking of 12.

    Keep the vids coming! Good stuff and much respect!

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