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American Medical Affiliation claims Cheerios cereal lowers ldl cholesterol ! – jj

American Medical Affiliation claims Cheerios cereal lowers ldl cholesterol !

Will Cheerios really lower my cholesterol and 4-6 wks? Why is cholesterol so important and why might one have high cholesterol?

This clip has been rebroadcast with permission from Josh @ www.youtube.com/user/joshrubineastwest



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  1. @Beelzebird No. It's not Cheerios, it's the Government, Big Business and The extremely rich. First off, Cheeries doesn't claim to lower cholesterol, it claims "can help lower cholesterol". That's a caveat that they can and will get away with. Water "can help lower cholesterol. The FDA, USDA and EPA are all corrupt and can and will take money to approve things that are bad for us. Wake up America, you're being controlled by big brother under your nose and your head is in the sand.

  2. @Cheeriosinabowl
    I agree with you. I bought 10 boxes of cheerios every week for my self. Cheerios is very good for your health, I lost a lots of weights by eating it. Actually I'm competing in June thanks to cheerios. They calling "Cheerios Freak" cause I eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  3. Cheerios is made from oat bran mostly. Unsweetened cheerios is what I eat with skim (cow's) milk or low-fat unsweetened soy milk.

    Will cheerios lower cholesterol? I really don't know, but plain old cheerios (unsweetened) won't hurt, it may lower it a bit. Add some oat bran to cheerios and you will then get a bigger boost in lowering your cholesterol.

    Cheerios does taste good though and I do like this cereal …. just look at my user name for youtube !!

  4. Well, one point that nobody seems to be really mentioning and which I think is important, is the fact that the FDA is trying to shut cheerios out of the production, just because they claim that their product can do what a "drug" can do. The FDA attacks any person who has a particular food that has benefits more than a damn drug ! Nothing can cure, treat, diagnose, or cure a disease unless it is a drug. – Correct me if I'm wrong.

  5. Great stuff. I can see the passion coming through. Ive come to realize that those who can see what is going on around us have to try and stop themselves from getting so angry. It is infuriating the stuff that goes on but people like josh know exactly how to channel it.

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