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Antonio Aguilar: The Moro de Cumpas – Full Film – jj

Antonio Aguilar: The Moro de Cumpas – Full Film

Watch Antonio Aguilar's full movie, El Moro de Cumpas

In the beautiful city of Aguaprieta, two horses are part of the biggest event that the region has memory. The unbeatable Moor of the city of Cumpas with an impeccable reputation faces the light and imposing Zaino de Aguaprieta. Two towns are interested in the outcome of this race, because the most irrational bets are decided on 450 rods.

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  1. Mi parte favorita es en el minuto 24:45 cuando El Profesor Jirafales dice ahora van a ver mendigos y vá y mete a Gerardo Reyes al ruedo del palenque (como diciendole a los de Cumpas ahora van a ver lo que es bueno, ahí les vá mi gallo!!) y luego le echa porras jajaja momemto fabuloso👏👏👏👏

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