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Chest Expander Reverse Fly – jj

Chest Expander Reverse Fly

Back strength exercises are very important for postural strength and stability. Try the reverse fly with the Chest Expander


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  1. Hey, I hope you're checking your youtube messages.I ordered an cable, waiting for it.But how can I do "overhead pull down" move at home? When i google it all images and videos show guys at gym 🙁 Do you do it at home or at a gym?

  2. When I go heavy I do between 3-5 reps for six sets.When I can do ten reps I will sometimes do ten sets of ten.When I am able to reach 12 reps that's when I move up another ten pounds and start low reps (3 to 5) working my way up again until I can get to 12 reps.It's a slow process but I have had great results.

  3. I do everything at work during my lunch break.There is a free downloadable book on line called FATMAN’S GUIDE TO CABLE TRAINING 2. Google that title and get the book for free. It has many great exercises and has helped me enormously.Good luck.

  4. I'm dead serious. If you give it a try be patient.For me it took about a year of doing reverse fly and overhead pull downs three times a week. I'm no expert but it worked very well for me.I noticed a big difference after about three months and my posture is still improving.I started out using the three cables that came with the expander.I worked my way up to ten sets of ten on the two exercises.After I got stronger I ordered heaver cables on line.Good luck I hope it works as well for you.

  5. Are you really serious?I'm having this problem for a year and it's really painful and miserable.Everyone's laughing at my bad neck posture (I'm 20).It just look weird.I'll run,swim and lift weight this summer.If you're really serious about this I'm gonna be the happiest person on the world, really.

  6. I can't say enough about the chest expander. I have suffered most of my adult life with forward head posture from weak upper back muscles. Three months of chest expander reverse fly and Overhead Downward Pull exercises has cured that poor posture and taken away years of discomfort and pain. I have never felt or looked better.The chest expander is a great tool for building and maintaining posture and muscular strength.

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