Efficient therapy of kidney illness in Ayurveda | Excellent news for kidney sufferers, when all of the medicines fail, do that methodology!


Kolkata: Effective treatment of kidney disease is possible in Ayurveda. The medicine of Ayurveda also neutralizes the deadly elements that damage the kidneys. A special session on Ayurveda medicines was organized for the first time at the ongoing India International Science Fair in Kolkata in which its effect in kidney treatment was discussed. During this session, Sanchit Sharma, executive director of Emil Pharmaceutical, while presenting the details of the research conducted so far about Neeri KFT, an effective drug in the treatment of Ayurveda, said that Neeri KFT regulates the levels of TNF alpha in the kidneys.

The TINF alpha test only shows abnormalities in the kidneys and also shows the condition of inflammation. TNF is an alpha cell signaling protein. Sharma said in her presentation that research has been published in the American Journal of Pharmaceutical Research about Neeri's FT.

In this research, it was found that the kidneys of the groups who were being given Neeri KFT medicine regularly were functioning properly. In them, the quantity of heavy elements, metabolic by-products like creatinine, urea, protein etc. were found to be controlled. The percentage of these elements was very high in the group which was not given the medicine.

It is prepared from five herbs Punarnava, Gokharu, Varun, Patharpura and Stonestone. He said that people whose kidneys have been damaged but are not yet on dialysis, they benefit from its consumption. They do not know how to go on dialysis.

He also said that Ayurveda has many useful medicines. Ayurveda has treatment for diseases which are not present in allopathy. But they need to be tested and certified to the test of modern medicine. DRDO and CSIR have worked in this direction and it needs to be given more attention.

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