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Horse Racing 1973 Grand Nationwide & 1984 Whitbread Gold Cup.wmv – jj

Horse Racing 1973 Grand Nationwide & 1984 Whitbread Gold Cup.wmv

Two great races and for anyone like me that remembers them well its what jump racing is all about. Flat racing just can’t compare.


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  1. I see where you're coming from comparing these two races but I think that, while that Whitbread's finish was breath-taking and the race memorable, the 73 National was on a different stratosphere when you consider the race, the rides, the characters, finish, racing history, and legend.

  2. the 1973 national was my first race (aged 8), and this is the first time I have seen the whole race since! Thanks. Brought back so much emotion, my parents couldn't believe Crisp lost after leading by so far. At age 8 I thought RR was magic 🙂

  3. @HadleyReisMC Totally agree Crisp was the better horse but he couldnt perform year in year out round Aintree like Rummy did and Red Rum did what no other multi national performer did in that he followed this run in 73 with a narrow defeat in the Scottish National but landed both in 74 thats what made Red Rum unique but Crisp was still a superb loser that day.

  4. I always backed Spanish Steps in the 70's Nationals. me Mam always backed Rummy. I think she won that argument 🙂 So sad that Crisp got clipped right in the last furlong though.
    My fave national has always been the Lucius National of 1978 because it was so close, any of about 8 could have won it
    Terrific Whitbread Cup race, not a mane to choose between the first 3, incredible finish!
    BTW, are Plundering's colour's the same as Rhyme & Reason from the 88 National?

  5. @Duszki Red Rum will always be my favourite horse but, considering the weights, I wish Crisp had just held on. That has to be the bravest weight carrying performance apart from Suny Bay's gallant effort under 12st on heavy going in 1998.

  6. OMG – you have just put together 2 of the all-time classic UK races. 1973 national is folklore and legend with that Whitbread being one of the best finishes ever witnessed at Sandown park.

    Mate, you have true taste and class !

    Well done !

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