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Insurance coverage Testing Requires Area of interest Abilities – jj

Insurance coverage Testing Requires Area of interest Abilities


The Client

The client provides its customers with premium property and casualty insurance and expert locally-based agents. They are a subsidiary of a Fortune 500 company, and Forbes ranked them as one of the nation’s top 50 trustworthy financial companies in 2015.

The Challenge

The client needed user acceptance testers with a background in commercial insurance – specifically someone with a commercial insurance rating. This proved especially difficult since dedicated testers are not typically well-versed in commercial insurance. While competitors submitted the usual candidates with no commercial insurance experience, IBS considered a different approach.

The Solution

IBS has a longstanding relationship with the client placing a wide variety of IT candidates, including project managers, developers, business analysts, QA testers, and help desk employees. As a result of this unique relationship with the company, IBS was able to quickly and accurately assess the company’s needs. Instead of submitting typical user acceptance testers who did not have the insurance background the client required, IBS sent a consultant with a strong background in commercial insurance that was interested in expanding her skillset. The candidate had also extensively used the platform upon which she would be performing the user acceptance testing.

“My IBS recruiter made me feel confident that I could do the job because of my experience in the insurance industry,” said Tonyia Johnson, former tester at IBS and now employed at the client. The strong knowledge of the platform from her previous experience as an insurance professional made the transition even smoother. Johnson has since been hired on full-time at the client as a Business Analyst.

The Results

IBS recognized the client’s needs in a way no one else did. Where competitors were stuck viewing user acceptance testing as part of the QA process, IBS realized the client sought to separate the two processes, and was able to place a team of insurance professionals into the company’s open user acceptance testing process.

The consultants IBS placed brought new perspective to the client’s UAT processes. Ramp-up time was quick, and it was immediately apparent how much their industry knowledge brought to the UAT process. Having user acceptance testers who understand both the product and the processes necessary to achieve that product was far more important to the client than merely having the technical skills. “When I arrived for training, it was immediately apparent to both my trainer and myself how much easier the UAT job would be for someone who is well-versed in the insurance field,” said Johnson.

Extensive knowledge of the industry allows the user acceptance testers to prioritize issues and provide crucial insight into the platform.

Insurance knowledge is the core of what the client does, and they have seen how beneficial it is to have testers whose expertise is in insurance. The client has begun to encourage other testers to take insurance classes to better understand the product. Testers with an understanding of the insurance industry need less training and are able to get more creative in their testing instead of just going through the motions. IBS’ candidates have brought a fresh perspective to the client’s testing department, allowing their software to be more user-friendly and efficient.

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