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iPhone SE 2 launch date, specs rumors: Apple's A13 chip reportedly powers finances smartphone … – jj

iPhone SE 2 launch date, specs rumors: Apple's A13 chip reportedly powers finances smartphone …


One of the most anticipated products coming out of Apple early next year has been dubbed as the iPhone SE 2. While the company has yet to acknowledge the project or if it plans to call it that, its reported specs and price point make it appear like an iPhone SE follow-up.

The iPhone SE 2 will reportedly have an ample processor and other specs. But it will not have the high-tech Face ID feature likely to keep its price tag within the entry-level range.

iPhone SE 2 specs: Budget phone with A13 chip and Touch ID

Even though the iPhone SE 2 is now being labeled as a budget or mid-range device from Apple, renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reported that it could feature the latest mobile chip from the company. The rumored device is anticipated to be powered by the A13 chip, the same processor found on the latest iPhone 11 series.

This also means that the iPhone SE 2 is built to be supported by the latest and upcoming versions of the iOS because the A13 is a 64-bit ARM-based system on a chip. And having the same processor as the latest premium iPhones, the upcoming budget device should be supported in the software department for the years to come.

However, to keep its price within the reported $399 range, the iPhone SE 2 is expected to bring back the Touch ID. Reports from the same analyst suggested that the device is designed similar to the iPhone 8. This means that it would feature the physical home button where a fingerprint reader for the Touch ID is also hidden. This makes sense because the True-Depth camera and other sensors required by the Face ID would immediately bring up the device’s cost.

iPhone SE 2 release date: Apple to announce $399 smartphone in March 2020

With so much information getting released in the wild, it can only mean one thing: the announcement and retail release of iPhone SE 2 is getting closer. Kuo reported that the device is entering assembly lines by January 2020. It is now expected to be the star of Apple’s annual March event.

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