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Little Youngsters – Pool – jj

Little Youngsters – Pool

Quick clip from the amazing movie Little Children where Ronnie, who is out of prison after being charged with indecent exposure to a minor, visits the local pool. If you haven’t seen this movie I cannot recommend it enough. Jackie Earle Haley delivers an amazing performance along with Kate Winslet and Patrick Wilson.


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  1. eventually he comes to a realization that people treat him differently now… and no longer can he "blend in" with society… yes he is swimming near kids that is kinda weird but point is he doesn't seem to wanna hurt anybody…

    and his reaction at the end is just, i was only trying to cool off…
    sadly in this society we don't help people like him with issues

  2. They made Ron much more sympathetic in the film than Perotta did in the book. In the book, he was just really beyond redemption. He had confessed to Sarah and Larry about committing the murder of the little girl who had been missing, because as he put it "I didn't want to, but she was going to tell on me." He did not castrate himself in the book either.

  3. As much as I LOVE my daughter, (and I do believe pedophilia is a  mental disorder BUT when you're a parent it's different,  you're SO PROTECTIVE, but I am in tears over how they treat him. I'd get in the pool with my daughter and especially since he's been treated this AWFULLY float past and be polite, even as this BS commotion went on. He's trying to become a normal, functioning member of society again and this did NOT help.

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