NCP upset with Rajbhawan for inviting BJP to kind new authorities | Invitation for BJP to kind authorities, NCP stated – horse buying and selling shouldn’t be taken care of by Governor


Mumbai: Maharashtra Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari has sent an invitation to the BJP to form the government. The Governor has given the BJP time to inform Rajmavan about forming the government by 11 November. The NCP has expressed displeasure over the Governor's decision. NCP leader Nawab Malik said that the Raj Bhavan should have first taken information about whether the BJP has a clear majority or not. The Governor should take care that there is no horse trading in the state. The NCP further said that if the BJP establishes the government but cannot prove its majority in the house, then the NCP will consider giving an alternative government.

Actually, BJP is the number one party in the state with the highest number of MLAs. Therefore, Raj Bhavan sent an invitation to the BJP to form the government. At the moment, the BJP does not seem to be in favor of forming a minority government in the state. CM Devendra Fadnavis said that the party will take a decision soon on the Governor's invitation to form the government. The BJP has called a meeting of the party's core committee on Sunday, in which the party will decide on the Governor's invitation to form the government. Devendra Fadnavis has said that at Sunday's BJP Core Committee meeting on the invitation of the Governor, the party will make Raj Bhavan aware of its decision.

In the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly of Maharashtra with 288 seats, BJP has the strength of only 105 and about a dozen independent MLAs. However, this is far from the majority figure of 145. According to BJP sources, at the invitation of the Governor to form the government, the Raj Bhavan is in the process of telling the intention of not forming the BJP government. If the BJP refuses, then in such a situation, the Governor can invite the second largest party of the state, Shiv Sena, to form the government.

And then it will be interesting to see what steps Shiv Sena takes on the Governor's invitation to form the government. In fact, Shiv Sena currently has the support of only 56 MLAs and about half a dozen independents. However, this strength of Shiv Sena is far from majority in the assembly. In the state, BJP 105 and Shiv Sena 56 come together to form the government. However, due to the confrontation between the Shiv Sena and the BJP, both are not forming a government together.

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The number of 54 legislators of NCP and 44 of Congress cannot form government in the state. Yes, politics takes a turn on the possibility of a second picture, then this picture can be made. With the support of 56 MLAs of Shiv Sena, 56 of NCP and 44 of Congress from outside, the path of formation of new government can be made. However, such a picture can be made only after this formula of Congress President Sonia Gandhi and NCP supremo Sharad Pawar is approved.

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