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Improve your pop-up strength with integrative training.


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  1. Hi Chris,
    Great videos, very helpful as I had a Bankhardt surgery(lost some range of motion but tighten so no more dislocations) on shoulder in '98 and starting to surf a lot at 52 again and feel some pain. Any special exercises do you think will help as I have moved down from fun boards to a 32 litre board and more submerged and more pain in shoulder?
    Which surgery did you have?

  2. cheers bro only just getting back into surfing after fucking my nee 5 years ago went for surf after op but couldn't pop up after years of not even thinking about it being a problem so for last 5 years been getting fat and been un active and ur videos are really helping me get back into shape had the bodyboard in water to get fitness but now starting to train my nee and core so I can give the board ago again was so dis hearting last time I could get up I really want to be able to atleast do on dry before I go out! ive tried the gym but full of fags and cant do it! surf training yer I could do that lol 🙂

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