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Rory McIlroy Sluggish Movement Iron Shot – jj

Rory McIlroy Sluggish Movement Iron Shot

http://www.purplegolf.com/academy This video has Rory McIlroy hitting a smooth iron shot to the 14th hole at Wentworth during practice for the BMW Championship. To see more great videos like this visit www.purplegolf.com


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  1. The thing is, does it really matter what we label his swing. It's a beautiful looking swing, he's a humble young man and he's going to be a great champion in the future. I'm sure he couldn't give a fiddlers fart what we think it looks like. Last comment, you guys are on your own.

  2. @dbs0212 he swings rather upright, and stands closer to the ball at address compared to what the idea of a traditional one planer is but this is very popular at the moment. if you want to see the difference between is shaft angle at address and how it relates to the angles throughout his swing, take a look at wanyne defrancesco's swing analysis here on youtube, you'll see the his angles match up better than some of the more traditional one planers, its similar to say and anthony kim

  3. @dbs0212 wow, im wasting my breath here. okay here's a quote from jeff ritter, who is one of the most popular young golf instructors in the world, has had many articles published in various golf magazines. "It has always been understood that the club, certainly does not always move on the exact same plane throughout the swing. Modern One-Plane swingers by this definition are Hunter Mahan and Rory McIlroy." I can find more if you'd like. And you'll forgive me if I take his opinion over yours

  4. @helenathena he is considered the epitome of the modern day one planer, his shaft angle at the top and in the downswing as the arms drop pretty much mirror the shaft angle at address you really need to study up on the modern day one plane swing my friend. if this is not what he is, why is he being referred to as such by people such as butch harmon, david leadbetter, jeff ritter, steve bann, jim hardy, peter jacobsen? who are some of the most knowledgeable people to ever study the golf swing?

  5. @silowhore the club is clearly outside of his hands, he drops the club back on plane when hes on his down swing, IF YOUR REALLY THAT FUCKING RETARDED to realize that, if he where to put the position of the dowsing on the same position he doesn't on the back swing he will be hitting cuts all the time, this isn't one plane at all, i can even see it in real time motion when hes playing a tournament and forget the shoulder plane that has nothing to do with one plane, look at tigers new swing

  6. @helenathena i think the camera angle may be throwing you off my friend, his left arm appears much higher than his shoulder and his shoulders appear flat. but i can assure you, go and watch any video of mcilroy or ask any pro, and they will tell you that he is a text book one planer. there is no argument here. you just think you know something and you obviously dont

  7. @silowhore have you read moe normans book?, and yes the club can be placed in the same positions, ANTHONY KIM was doing it before he had his thumb injury, go look again, this back swing is not on the same plane as his down swing

  8. @helenathena the discription? by whom? read ben hogans book. there is really no such thing as a one plane swing to be honest. everybody swings around two pivot points, the right leg, then the left leg or vice versa for lefties. so no matter who you are, technically your swing has two planes, it's just that some peoples planes are very similar.

  9. @helenathena he is, what about this video would indicate to you that he wasn't? i think you need to watch it again, it's a lofted iron so he doesn't need to swing flat around his shoulder, it just means the shaft and arm angle at the top of his swing will be very similar to his shaft angle at setup.

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