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Samsung Observe10/Observe10+ Android 10 Beta integrates Microsoft OneDrive – jj

Samsung Observe10/Observe10+ Android 10 Beta integrates Microsoft OneDrive


If you have a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or Note10+ phone and happen to support running Android 10 Beta, then you will get some special treatment from Microsoft. According to recent information, Microsoft OneDrive integration is now compatible with these devices. This allows users to directly sync photos in the Samsung photo album app.

Samsung Note10 integrates Microsoft OneDrive

This is the content of Samsung’s partnership with Microsoft. Users can activate the Microsoft OneDrive integration in the “Galaxy Settings” application. Once the Microsoft OneDrive account is active as a backup solution, all existing content in the Samsung Cloud account will move to OneDrive. This excludes the items in the Recycle Bin. All photos on your device will also sync to OneDrive without the need for a dedicated OneDrive app.

It’s important to note that by selecting OneDrive as your backup option, you will no longer be able to return to your Samsung Cloud account. Instead, Microsoft will provide you with the remaining space in the Samsung Cloud account in OneDrive. However, this will be for a period of one year. Samsung will also provide you with a refund for any Samsung cloud storage plan. Would you switch to OneDrive or stay with your old your Samsung Cloud account?


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