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Shani Pradosh 2019: Shani Pradosh in the present day, know its significance | Shani Pradosh 2019: Learn Puja Vidhi and Significance – jj

Shani Pradosh 2019: Shani Pradosh in the present day, know its significance | Shani Pradosh 2019: Learn Puja Vidhi and Significance


Shani Pradosh is fasting on 9 November

Shani Pradosh is fasting on 9 November

Kartik Shukla Trayodashi is a coincidence of Shani Pradosh with coming on Saturday, 9 November. The coincidence of Saturday on Pradosh is making this day very special. Fasting Pradosh on this day will not only get the grace of Shiva, but Shani Dev can also be pleased. If Saturn is walking on any native or if Saturn is in a bad position, then it should also be fasted by Shanipradosh.

What to do on the day of Shani Pradosh

On the day of Shani Pradosh, wake up in the morning Brahmamuhurta and after bathing, retire from the ritual and worship Lord Shiva and his family Parvati, Ganesh, Kartikeya and Nandi. After bathing Lord Shiva with Panchamrit, etc., offer Belpatra, Dhatura, Gandha, Akshat, Flower, Dhoop, Deep, Naivedya, Paan, Betel nut, Clove etc. After this, to resolve all your problems, take a pledge of Pradosha fast and stay fast throughout the day, following the restraint. In the evening, when there is Pradoshakaal then anoint Lord Shiva and recite Shani Chalisa, Shani Shastavaraj, Shiv Chalisa, Shiva Mahimnastotra. Listen to or read the story of Pradosh Vrat. Pradoshkal is about 1 hour before sunset. That is, between 5.30 to 7 pm Pradosh Vrat should be worshiped.

Benefits of Shani Pradosh fast

Benefits of Shani Pradosh fast

  • Fasting of Shani Pradosh gives the blessings of both Shiva and Shani.
  • Chandra is giving bad effects in horoscope due to Pradosh fast. It gives mental happiness and peace.
  • Worshiping Shiva enhances prestige in family and social life.
  • Age and health are attained. Get rid of diseases. Physical strength increases.
  • Fasting for a whole year eliminates economic distress. Material happiness is attained.
  • With Shani Pradosh fast, there is peace of Shani giving bad effects in the horoscope.
  • Troubles are overcome in Saturn's half-century, dhaiya, Mahadasha-inner state of Saturn etc.
  • The person is protected in auto accident, illness etc.
  • Fasting on Shani Pradosh is not a financial crisis.
  • Marriage of unmarried young men and women is overcome.
  • One can get rid of troubles and bad blood coming in married life.
Pradosh time will be on 9th

Pradosh time will be on 9th

Trayodashi Tithi will begin on November 9 from 2.39 pm

Trayodashi date complete – November 10 at 4.33 pm

Pradosh Puja Timings – 5.42 pm to 8.21 pm on November 9

Pradosh kaal starts at sunset

Pradosh fast is observed on the day when Trayodashi Tithi prevails during Pradosh period. The Pradosh period starts at sunset. When Trayodashi Tithi and Pradosh occur together (also known as overlapping of Trayodashi and Pradosh), the time is best for Shiva worship. It is believed that Shiva is in a happy mood during Pradosh. Therefore, Pradosh Puja will be done only on 9 November, because on this day, there will be Trayodashi Tithi in the evening. On November 10, there will be Trayodashi Tithi, but Pradosh Puja will not be possible due to the Chaturdashi Tithi in Pradoshakal.

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