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The Causes for South Africans' Drama Uncovered – jj

The Causes for South Africans' Drama Uncovered

Hi everyone ! Welcome back to another video. I hope you enjoy it and thank you so much for all the support and the positive feedback on my past videos.



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  1. I have been follow tour channel and I love it. Bit on this xenophobic attack, there is no valid reason to justify what south Africa has done. It is really bad and condemnable. I tell you most of the people affected are Biafrans which makes me think if it a reason the Nigerian govt is paying a cosmetic service to this whole events in SA. I cry for my people cos now, I have a feeling of hatred for the South African people. I blame this crazy Nigerian government, if the country was okay, what will we be looking for in a foreign land? Besides, even if the country is okay and there are foreigners outside, the government should still protect its citizens. But for Nigeria, its a mess. My fellow biafrans should take heart. I pray for you to be strong and heal fast. God bless you.

  2. There's no reason they are just lunatic lazy south Africa no jobs their president is playing politics. More so the torture they got from the apartheid is still in their DNA ..its the tanzanian people and south Africa are dealers of drugs .the biafran in south Africa are business dealers

  3. The white people brainwashed those S. Africans that other Africans are bringing drugs to their country. Who are the drug chiefs but the whites? I feel sorry for them, because the whites will deal with them again and there will be no one to to help them.

    Those hoodlums who burned the shops and killed other Africans in S. Africa will pay for what they've done!

  4. All African's are evil, satan & coursed, as they are black it's how their hearts are black. See what Liberian's are doing to other African's also. Instead of helping each other to make Africa great, they are hating & Killing themselves, forgeting that, this world is no man's Island, there is space for everybody.

  5. How do they bring in drugs in their country? That means that their broader is corrupt. In UK here most South Africans invest their money on holiday, while Nigerians work, study hard and invest right. They are very jealous and envious of Nigerians . I m still crying for those evil South Africans wickedness

  6. If you're talkin about employment you are right but if you are talkin about the economy that is wrong because we are sending them billions of dollars and they are sending us body bag it doesn't make sense

  7. Olii I watched your video yesterday. I watched you cry sister and it broke my heart.Take heart my sister. For the first time I re-evaluated my African value, my thoughts about the black man, and the useless enterprise called PAN Africanism. African is not one, never was and will never be. It is a fact we just have to live with it.

  8. This must be an eye opener to Nigerians but to Igbos in particular.
    Let's face it, this is a handwriting on the wall.You may not agree with me but a similar thing is going to happen to Igbos again in Northern Nigeria..Igbos must be wise now and begin to re-channel their wealth and investments back to the East.I live and work here in the USA just 3 years now but I am already planning to invest back home in the East and hopefully, in the next 5 years, I should be home permanently.Because I have already seen that the USA has changed.

    Igbos must have a rethink about their manner of travel and residence abroad or foreign lands…
    Israelites did it after the genocide that killed 6 million of their people and they said "NEVER AGAIN"…Igbos are offshoot of Israel and since our own 3 million have been killed in Nigeria/Biafra civil war, we must stand up and say "" NEVER AGAIN"'.

    Not quite long ago, a prominent Northerner said that Southern Nigerians are taking their jobs..Maybe our Igbo leaders should arrange a world igbo conference to reset the mind of our people on the need to invest back at home, not even in Northerner Nigeria…Igbos are never cowards, but in this case, it's ignorance.A WORD IS ENOUGH FOR THE WISE!

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