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Tiger Shark 12/6in Tagged and launched from seashore – jj

Tiger Shark 12/6in Tagged and launched from seashore

An epic video showing the determination to release a 12ft 6in Tiger shark after being tagged. Maybe the first Tiger of this size to be filmed as it was released and caught from a pier. This si a small part of the footage the rest will be published soon. Youtube/nickaway
http://Breakawayusa.com http://Nickaway.com http://Zseasyfishin.com


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  1. I watched this, hoping with each wave that it would be the one. I know that these men had to have fear when they got the shark into the deep, but not deep enough, water – but they kept helping. I pray for a blessing for each of these men who preserved this shark's life. Thank you!

  2. That I didnt know an I fish bhp all the time for shark an im glad yall released it everytime I see one caught there always gaffed Im happy yall did it old school an walked it down I thought I was the only one left doing that

  3. @OGsaintCC
    The IGFA doesn't have a bracket for releasing of sharks, the one they have is for a killed tiger shark. This shark was Released, which puts this catch in a totally different bracket of fishing, especially since it was done from a peir 1200ft+ long and had to be walked down to the beach from the end and still revive the shark, tag, measure and get enough photos for proof to have it verified… A Great CATCH and Release

  4. @jtblue18 I live closer than anyone else to this pier and have surfed it all my life. First off do not ever call it your coast.. It definitely does not belong to you. And if you are going to post a comment trying to make fun of someone's remark, you should learn how to spell first. Who's the jackass now?

  5. The truth is these things are everywhere on the Texas Coast. Are you afraid of being stuck by lightening? You got the same odds of getting bit by a shark. If your from here or surfed here alot you know that sightings are very frequent while bites are not…deal with it u p_ssies

  6. @burnside510 Yeah but the sharks are there whether you catch them or not…. So don't surf around Bob Hall Pier now that you know it holds large sharks… Or man up and catch him from your long board and wrestle him for surfing rights!

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