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vx fuel – jj

vx fuel

vx gas from The Rock.


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  1. Look all the wannabe scientists in the comments need to shut up. Because for the most part it doesn't matter how it's done or whatever the point is this whole thing is a weapon and needs to be avoided at all costs no matter what and this film treats that as such.

  2. no need for a mask. If it was just spilled on the floor, the guy would have like 10 minutes to leave before he had to worry. Its very oily and stable, meant for long term contamination (i.e. a month). Of course, if you aerosolize it by lets say a rocket, its very fast acting and highly lethal. wear PPEs, decontaminate, apply atropine (not into your heart, your leg is sufficient) and seek hihg ground to avoid its heavy vapors.

  3. Lol, why the fuck did I watch this? Thanks, TVTropes 😛

    I remember as a kid this scene upset me so much I almost didn't want to watch the rest of the movie. Glad I got over it, because I absolutely love this movie, but even now, when I watch it, I usually skip over Sergeant Butterfingers's death 😛

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