Apple's new Mac Professional might have been found in Calvin Harris's studio earlier than being launched


Apple’s new Mac Pro was unveiled at WWDC in June this year. Enclosed in a new stainless steel case that mimics a “cheese grater,” the new Mac Pro is a reworked powerhouse that Tim Cook calls “Apple’s Most Powerful Computer Ever.”

California Giant’s first reports showed this The Mac Pro will be available from $ 5,999 this year. But we have not heard much since, and the device is not yet commercially available.

Interestingly, however, a potential Mac Pro was discovered in the wild today prior to release. Calvin Harris, a well-known Scottish DJ, uploaded an Instagram story showing his studio and some of the new music he was working on. Against the background of his legendary alliterations, a PC case similar to the new Mac Pro can be seen.

Still, we’re not sure if it’s actually the upcoming Mac Pro. There is a chance that this is a common PC case designed to mimic the aesthetics of the Mac Pro. It would come as no surprise if the Dune Case Pro – a PC case similar to the new Mac Pro – was featured on YouTube just a week ago by Unbox Therapy.

On the other side of Apple Perhaps creative artists and select music producers have tried before publishing. So there is also the possibility that this is indeed the case.

Source: Apple Insider

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