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Espresso W/ Curtis – Insurance coverage – jj

Espresso W/ Curtis – Insurance coverage

RVillage Founder, Curtis’ guest is RV Insurance Specialist, Courtney Wooge. We will discuss RV Insurance Myths, Truths, Tips ,and how to be properly insured while traveling through Mexico.

RVillage (https://www.rvillage.com) is a super simple (and FREE!) social network for RVers that was built BY RVers. RVillage makes it easy to connect with fellow RVers around you – wherever you are, where you’re going, and along your way! See what you have in common, introduce yourself, plan an event, make some new friends, and get out and get social with your neighbors!

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Many RV related vloggers and bloggers recommend RVillage. Such as Technomadia, Gone With The Wynns, RV Love, Mortons On The Move, RV Wanderlust, Drivin’ and Vibin’, RV Geeks, Pippi Peterson, The Freedom Theory, and more. Thanks RV vloggers and bloggers for your awesome content!


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  1. My parents are Goodsam and they had a reduction buying insurance thru G.S. and a good "roadside" plan that they unfortunately found out when their R.S. Duals blew in the panhandle Shredded the underside of the Damon challenger. Weeks of issues & motel stays. Good thing they had the Top coverage they could purchase.

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