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Food regimen might assist with diabetes: Newcastle College (England) – jj

Food regimen might assist with diabetes: Newcastle College (England)

diabetes #type2 #health A Newcastle University team has discovered that Type 2 diabetes can be reversed by an extreme low calorie diet alone. Affecting two …


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  1. Hi Everyone,
    I am 35 years old and I recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetics my HBA1c was 79 which makes average 12.1 last 3 months i never had any symptoms and I went A&E for pain caused by kidney stones they took my blood and after they got result doctor asked me are you diabetic ? I replied no I am not he told me blood sugar level is 18.1 and that's shocked me next morning I rushed to my GP and he sent me for blood tests
    After the results I been told that I am diabetic and offered medicine and also I been told I have high ALT levels and after some Hepatitis ABC test they told me I got fatty liver and high cholesterol level that was 5.6 I used to think i am very healthy as I never got sick
    On 31 May 2017 I check my fasting glucose level was 8.5 and after two hours of lunch it was 12.2 lunch was only 2 piece brown bread with tuna cucumber I saw online about new castle university study and next morning I start 800 calories diet within 6 days I lost 3 kg and another two within next few days I kept checking my blood glucose many time a day and I realised day by day it's coming down without any medication and within one week it came back to normal non diabetic range which was fasting 4.6-5.3 and after two hours of eating 5.9-7
    And I lost 10 kg within 5 weeks on 800 calories diet and since that I am checking my blood glucose twice a day fasting and after two hours of main meal and last two months all the results are normal also it helped me to lower my blood pressure my sys was 145-160 and now it's 110-130 and my Dia was 97-108 and now it's 66-88
    My pulse always was over 95-110 in resting position but with this diet and losing weight it's gone to 65-88
    Till today I lost 12 Kgs my doctor is surprised with my progress and I feel amazing and from 84Kg to 72kg wasn't easy at beginning but after 2-3 weeks it's become easy to manage now I eat 1800-2200 calories a day and sugar levels still in normal range
    I am sharing my story hope it will help someone

  2. Oh hello! Thanks for sharing! Since we are on this topic; have you used the services from " Vidadsmedia What is Type 2 Diabetes " (Have a quick look on google…cant remember the exact words)? My Sister-in-law had some dealings with them and was impressed by their awesome testimonials and reviews and tried their recommendation!

  3. Mr professor, I disagree strongly that pancreas cells go half asleep in type 2 diabetes. It's more like the low fat high carb dogma Diabetes UK is advertising that is pushing the pancreas to overwork and eventually cause death to belts cells.

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