modi Authorities ordered to import 1 lakh tons of onions | Excellent news: onion costs will come down quickly, Modi authorities shopping for 1 lakh ton onion


new Delhi: Reach the sky Onion Price Hike To halt the government is rapidly increasing the supply through imports. In order to control the price of onions touching the sky, the Modi government of the Center, taking a big decision, has directed MMTC to import one lakh tonnes of onions. Union Food and Consumer Affairs Minister Ram Vilas Paswan said through a tweet on Saturday that the government has decided to import one lakh tonnes of onions.

He said, "The government has decided to import one lakh tonnes of onions to control onion prices. MMTC will make the imported onions available for distribution in the country between November 15 and December 15 and NAFED is available in every part of the country. The responsibility of distributing onion has been assigned. "

Onion supply has come down, due to irregular rains, which has affected 30 to 40 percent production this year. Onion prices have crossed Rs 100 per kg.

It is worth noting that to control the prices of onions, the Cabinet Secretary had held a high-level meeting with the Secretary of Consumer Affairs to review the shortage of onions in different parts of the country.

MMTC has been instructed to increase onion availability in the country by importing onions from Dubai and other countries.

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