PRO-TEC Cleansing Gasoline System and injection

With this service, all soils, sediments, water and moisture are removed from the fuel tank, pump, injectors, combustion chamber, to the catalyst.
With this we get:
 • A cleaner and more efficient combustion.
 • A drastic reduction of fumes and polluting gases.
 • Remarkable fuel savings.
 • Proper and long-lasting operation of the engine, pump, turbo, EGR valve, particle filter (FAP) and catalyst.
 • Cleaning and maximum protection.
The PRO-TEC fuel and diesel cleaning products are certified by TÜV laboratories in Germany for their quality and efficiency.
The PRO-TEC Diesel System Cleaner and Common Rail Diesel products exceed the Bosch HFRR DIN EN ISO 12156-1 standard, reducing by more than 50% the wear of the Diesel high pressure feed system.
Info: www.motor-marketing.com


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