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Rory McIlroy – Chipping / Pitching (2014 open Championship) – jj

Rory McIlroy – Chipping / Pitching (2014 open Championship)


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  1. Here’s the answer, this is his job, if he’s not better than the rest he doesn’t make money, simple as that, just about any Pro worth his Salt is adept at chipping , Putting, and like a Loaf of Bread, Carton of Milk, he to has a limited shelf life, so, when his Back finally says enough he’s done, like Tiger, he’ll never be the force of nature Golf that he was, brutal blunt, but that’s how it might be. Think of it this way, this is just his Job, just like you and me he goes out everyday to earn his Crust, dare say he works harder than we think, so don’t ridicule these multi millionaire Sports people, they earned it, if you were gifted at something and someone was going to pay you a fortune to do it, would you turn it down..?🤔😎

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