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Samsung Black Friday 2019 TV Offers: Full Vary Of Large Financial savings Now Revealed – jj

Samsung Black Friday 2019 TV Offers: Full Vary Of Large Financial savings Now Revealed


A few days ago Forbes colleague Gordon Kelly introduced us to the first four of Samsung’s Black Friday TV deals. Now, though, Samsung has unveiled its full roster of Black Friday TV price reductions – and there are some truly massive savings to be had on sets right across the brand’s latest range. Including its excellent 8K and 4K QLED (Quantum Dot) models, and its ‘high design’ Frame sets.

What’s more, you don’t have to wait until Black Friday itself (November 29) to take advantage of Samsung’s Black Friday deals; they’ve all just gone live right now via Samsung’s US website.

Here’s a full break down of every set included in the sale, including the size of the price cut each model is getting.

Samsung Q900R 8K range

As well as carrying four times as many pixels as 4K TVs, Samsung’s second generation of 8K TVs feature the brand’s QLED color technology, new wide viewing angle support, and thousands of nits of HDR-friendly brightness. This brightness is partnered, though, with nearly 480 dimming zones, to ensure that the screen can also deliver outstanding black levels for LCD screen technology. A review of the QN82Q900R can be found here. 

Samsung QN98Q900R (98 inches) – Sale price $69,999.99 (saving $30,000!!)

Samsung QN82Q900R (82 inches) – Sale price $6,999.99 (saving $3,000)

Samsung QN75Q900R (75 inches) – Sale price $4,999.99 (saving $2,000)

Samsung QN65Q900R (65 inches) – Sale price $3,499.99 (saving $1,500)

Samsung QN55Q900R (55 inches) – Sale price $2,499.99 (saving $1,000)

Samsung Q90R 4K Range

Samsung’s flagship 4K models for 2019 use direct LED lighting with more than 400 separate zones of local dimming to deliver unprecedented brightness and contrast for LCD TVs. They also use new wide angle technology so that you can watch them from almost any angle without the picture losing contrast or colour. You can find a review of the QN65Q90R here.

Samsung QN82Q90R (82 inches) – Sale price $4,499.99 (saving $2,000!)

Samsung QN75Q90R (75 inches) – Sale price $3,499.99 (saving $1,500)

Samsung QN65Q90R (65 inches) – Sale price $2,199.99 (saving $1,300)

Samsung Q80R 4K Range

Samsung’s step down TVs for 2019 still use direct LED lighting with local dimming, as well as the brand’s QLED color and wide angle technologies. They aren’t quite as bright as the Q90Rs, though, and don’t use as many local dimming zones.

Samsung QN82Q80R (82 inches) – Sale price $3,499.99 (saving $1,800)

Samsung QN75Q80R (75 inches) – Sale price $2,299.99 (saving $1,700)

Samsung QN65Q80R (65 inches) – Sale price $1,699.99 (saving $1,100)

Samsung QN55Q80R (55 inches) – Sale price $1,299.99 (saving $700)

Samsung Q70R 4K Range

The Q70Rs still use direct LED lighting and QLED technology, but reduce the dimming zones once more and this time there’s no wide angle viewing technology.

Samsung UN85Q70R (85 inches) – Sale price $2,999.99 (saving $1,800)

Samsung UN82Q70R (82 inches) – Sale price $2,499.99 (saving $2,000)

Samsung UN75Q70R (75 inches) – Sale price $1,999.99 (saving $1,300)

Samsung UN65Q70R (65 inches) – Sale price $1,199.99 (saving $1,000)

Samsung UN55Q70R (55 inches) – Sale price $999.99 (saving $500)

Samsung UN49Q70R (49 inches) – Sale price $799.99 (saving $450)

Samsung Q60R 4K Range

This is the cheapest point at which you can buy Samsung’s QLED technology. At this price level, though, the screens move away from direct LED lighting, where the lights sit right behind the screen, to less precise edge LED lighting, where the LEDs are ranged around the outside of the picture. There’s no local dimming here, either, and brightness levels are substantially reduced.

Samsung Q82Q60R (82 inches) – Sale price $1,999.99 (saving $1,800)

Samsung Q75Q60R (75 inches) – Sale price $1,499.99 (saving $1,500)

Samsung Q65Q60R (65 inches) – Sale price $999.99 (saving $800)

Samsung Q55Q60R (55 inches) – Sale price $699.99 (saving $500)

Samsung Q49Q60R (49 inches) – Sale price $599.99 (saving $400)

Samsung Q43Q60R (43 inches) – Sale price $499.99 (saving $300)

Samsung ‘The Frame’ Range

These designer 4K TVs are intended to look like works of art when you’re not using them as TVs. Their frames are customisable with black, white, beige or brown colors, and you can choose from a huge range of digitised artworks to show on the screen. They still use Samsung’s latest QLED panels, though, so still deliver that technology’s extended color range and brightness.

The deals on these sets aren’t set to go live until November 18, so at the moment I only have the sale details on one of the four sets in the Frame range. When I get details on the other three deals, I’ll update this article.

Samsung QN43L503R (43 inches) – Sale price $799.99 (save $500)

Samsung RU8000 range

These models don’t use Samsung’s QLED technology, and use edge LED lighting with no local dimming. These two facts mean its pictures aren’t as bright or richly colored as those of the QLED models. The RU8000 models still sit at the top of Samsung’s non-QLED TV range for 2019, though, so they still get wide color gamut support and an ultra slim design. 

Samsung UN82RU8000 (82 inches) – Sale price $1,799.99 (saving $1,400)

Samsung UN75RU8000 (75 inches) – Sale price $1,299.99 (saving $900)

Samsung UN65RU8000 (65 inches) – Sale price $799.99 (saving $600)

Samsung UN55RU8000 (55 inches) – Sale price $549.99 (saving $450)

Samsung UN49RU8000 (49 inches) – Sale price $499.99 (saving $300)

Look out for other Black Friday buying guides from me in the coming days.

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