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That almost all harmful expedition to the North Pole – jj

That almost all harmful expedition to the North Pole


Polar expedition

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The North Pole or Arctic region is called the Refrigerator of the world. The weather here is always very cold. Most months of the year it is snow. However, the climate of the Arctic is rapidly melting due to climate change.

How and how much does the Arctic affect our Earth's air-air? What are the changes coming from climate change? Scientists from many countries have embarked on a mission to find answers to many such questions.

All scientists associated with this mission will reach Polarstern, the closest area of ​​the North Pole, through a specially designed ship Polarstern.

Then he intends to stay in the Arctic for the whole year and study the weather there and its impact on the world. Climate change has become a hindrance in this intention too.

The biggest condition for the success of this mission is that the ship Polarstern and its companion Academic Federov be placed in a place in the Arctic sea where there is a very thick layer of ice. Who can bear the burden of these ships.

This condition is necessary because during this mission very expensive equipment will be taken off the ship and used for use.

If the ship is not anchored in the right place, then these devices will be afraid of being submerged in water forever. The second reason is that if the ship is not stationary, it will be impossible to use.

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Blue sea under the ice

The mission on which Polarstern and the scientists aboard it is named Mosaic. Which is a mission to create a profile of the icy Arctic weather.

The problem is that every year the Arctic ice layer is getting thinner.

This mission was planned about ten years ago by Matt Shoop of the University of Colorado, USA.

Matt says that with the speed with which the Arctic is melting, we have only one or two years left so that we can go and experiment with such a huge ship in the Arctic.

Polarstern is an icebreaker ship that sweeps the ice of the road. As soon as it reached the Arctic Circle, scientists began to face snow.

Even before this Polarstern has come in this area. Then it needed a companion to cut its way through the ice. At that time, the Russian ship Academic Federov was also included in this mission.

As the ship was approaching the Arctic, the waves of the sea were becoming quieter. He was replaced by a layer of ice. Below which was the blue but calm water of the sea.

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Dangerous campaign

The place was looking for a thick layer of ice to settle the ship. Scientists on this had only one week to find such a safe haven.

For this, scientists were taking the help of satellite images. They felt that where the picture would be dark, the snow should be thick.

Near the five-day snowfall, Polarstern first encountered the Arctic's famous thick iceberg layer.

Scientists are happy that they have found a suitable place for themselves. However, when this hideout was properly inspected, a wave of despair ran.

A scientist named Rex told that this place is not as thick as he had expected.

Russia's Arctic and Antarctica Mission Center was constantly searching for the right locations for Polarstern's stay. He suggested this place.

But, the hope of scientists was broken here. Satellite photos were deceived.

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The challenges

The deep spots that he was considering as a sign of a thick layer of ice, in fact it was a less snowy place than the rest.

Rex says that the journey ahead is very uncertain. One of these routes is such that going to Greenland becomes very dangerous.

Now the trouble was that if Polarstern goes too far in search of a thick layer of ice, he was expected to lose contact with the rest of the world.

It was also necessary to experiment throughout the year that Polarstern would camp in a place where helicopters could land. So that they can deliver the logistics regularly to the people living on the ship.

Rex said that they are slowly moving towards that, where there is only snow in the Arctic sea. Such a place was also not suitable for experiments.

What would it be like to spend a year in the freezing Arctic cold?

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Esther Horvath / AWI


The Russian ship Academic Federov, which was going ahead of Polarstern's path, broke the ice layers where there was a possibility of stopping.

Now the captain of that ship was asked to follow the same path, going from where it was already decided.

Matt Shoop says that with each passing day he had less time.

Now the data from Academic Federov raised some hope. Many such icy rocks were found in the sea, where this ship could bury its pegs.

The reason is that winter is also close. In such a situation, Polarstern does not have much time left to make his hideout.

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