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This business is getting hit! You can also earn up to 1.5 lakhs every month

This formula has increased the earnings of farmers by 10 times.

With the help of Gujarat government's initiative and subsidy, farmers are being inspired to cultivate flowers. This has increased their earnings by 10 times and they have been able to provide good education to their children.

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new Delhi. The floriculture (floriculture) of the Gujarat government seems to be making a cult, two-piece matter for the state government. This initiative of the Government of Gujarat (Government of Gujrat) has increased the earnings of the farmers here 10 times, along with it is helping to educate the children of the workers. The Scheduled Tribe people of Dahod district of East Gujarat used to work as laborers in small towns, but now they do floriculture of roses and marigold. According to a report by the Indian Express, this has increased their earnings by more than 10 times.

4 times earnings in festive season

In this report, the farmer of Dahod (Gesuben Parmar) has told that his current earnings have gone from 1 to 1.5 lakh rupees, which is 10 times more than his earlier earnings. They also give jobs to two workers. Gesuben Parmar cultivates roses for the past 6 years, in which he breaks 20 to 30 thousand roses every month. In normal time, they get 20 paise for a rose. However, it is sold by the vendors to the customers for 10 rupees. In festivals like Navratri, Diwali and Ganesh Pooja it costs 20 to 40 rupees.

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Farmers are able to educate childrenFarmers have been able to send their children to school with the help of the income earned from this cultivation of rose and marigold. Most of them are first generation school children. In this report, a 56-year-old man of Patelia tribal community has told that he and his wife could never go to school. But, now the children of their children are going to school. She and her husband used to roam from one place to another in search of work first. Now they have a form of their own.

Benefit from Gujarat government initiative

More than one-third of the workers have started cultivating flowers here. Out of 300 households in Kamboi, about 100 families are now cultivating roses and marigold instead of traditional farming. The Gujarat government had taken the initiative to cultivate flowers by providing subsidy of Rs 30,000 to these farmers from the Horticulture Department. This subsidy includes preparing the fields, planting seeds and plants. These farmers have also been given training by the officials of the Agricultural Technology Management Agency.

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Less risk in floriculture

However, floriculture is also pleasing to these farmers because they are able to earn from flowers despite the lack of land and water. In less water for flowers, a better crop is possible throughout the year. This helps the farmers to earn more.

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First published: November 8, 2019, 8:00 AM IST

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