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Ready on God | Dr. Tony Evans | The Different – jj

Ready on God | Dr. Tony Evans | The Different

Books by Tony Evans The Power of God’s Names: https://amzn.to/2Lhitqw Victory in Spiritual Warfare: Outfitting Yourself for the Battle: https://amzn.to/2LekGmB …



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  1. Dr. Evans, my (adult) daughter and I were really in need of encouragement, as we deal with frequently severe chronic pain and very low income. We needed this so much, and isn't it like God to match us up with this sermon some 2 years after it was put on YouTube?!? Thank God for this encouragement and thank you for your preparation to present it! We are praying for Sister Evans and your family.

  2. Pastor Evans, I needed this Word so long ago. I had the promise of Abraham and was given my queen. I had a witch come to me and told me something out of the demonic relm. I was covered and tried to do it on my own. You need to ask the Lord if this is His Will? Pray for me, pastor.

  3. So very true of my life over the last nine years when I detoured into a wilderness. The only way I have kept my sanity is because God swooped down and rescued me out of depression; then he swooped down and rescued me when I was sinking in debt; then He strengthen me over and over and over again when I completely lost my strength; and He has given me people who have just been there for me. I am waiting for the turn around and have a witness in my spirit that everything will take a 180 degree turn overnight. Oh how I love you Jesus

  4. Does anyone know why God would give you hope that HE has finally answered your prayers or fulfilled a promise and then take hope away? Pastor Tony Evans said this in his sermon but I wonder why God would do that in the first place cause that normally sets people back in their faith

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