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Why Me Lord Story – Instructed and Sung By kris kristofferson – jj

Why Me Lord Story – Instructed and Sung By kris kristofferson

This is kris kristofferson telling the story of Why Me Lord, This is from the DVD Ralf Emery’s Legends Vol. 2.



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  1. I used to sing this as a closing song at Bars just before 2:00 AM … and Folks went from being rowdy to singing along and then they changed into patrons stacking chairs, sweeping and helping w loading up speakers, closing up etc etc
    Hard to find those little Bars anymore… they were so much fun
    Some of us would meet up at Whataburger at 3:00 AM (back when I had weird hours)

  2. Not a country music fan, I happened upon this video somewhat randomly. I was drawn by the title "Why Me Lord?" I discovered that Kris and I had almost the same salvation experience – seemingly out of nowhere Jesus providentially entered my life and changed everything. For literally months, my heart breathed that same prayer "why me Lord?" Why did you choose ME for this absolute wonderful blessing? I wasn't even looking, but You came into my life and saved me from myself!

  3. when you here 'why me Lord' you expect a sob story, about bad things, but "Why Me Lord' did you choose me ?? I am not worthy, I am a horrible sinner, still am, till my last breath, but Lord, I give thanks that you, that I shared my Mothers last moments

  4. Powerful song to praise God who listens at all times, He is the only one that knows us just the way we are, it matters if I accept the Lord now, but if I don't He still loves me, his kindness is forever ever lasting I just hope that He will move my heart on his time I pray amen 🙏❤

  5. My uncle's favorite song. He had such deep voice.
    He'd always sing this song with us kids, until the night of the day before he was assassinated by UGs over a piece of land that belonged to the community.
    RIP uncle Albert Mate. Love you!

  6. I would love to say that I accepted Christ and walked circumspectly with him without turning to the right or to the left, but unfortunately that is not my testimony. I have strayed on occasion, and have struggled to be faithful to him. I have questioned his purpose in my life, and was even convinced that he had rejected me for all time! Maybe that’s why I appreciate this song so much, it’s like my prayer to him “Lord help me Jesus I’ve wasted it so help me Jesus I know what I am! And now that I know that I’ve needed you so help me Jesus my soul’s in your hand!” Oh, how I love and need you Jesus! I am eternally grateful for your unspeakable kindness and tolerance as I found my way back to you! Thank you for remaining faithful when I’ve been faithless! I can’t even sing this song without breaking up and even bawling like a baby!! I am completely overwhelmed by your unconditional love for me, and can hardly wait to fall into your loving arms and remain there forever!! Jesus how I love you so!!! Thank you for saving me and keeping me! For seeking me and finding me!!

  7. Thank you Lord for all the help you have brought into my life! God bless all your Angels here on earth and in the Heavens I am living proof of many miracles, show me the help you need while I am still alive and then when we are face to face show me the help you need of me then! Amen

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