Ravi Pushya Yoga (17th November): Mixture of Ravi Pushya, Ravi Yoga and Mercury Uday on 17 November. Ravi Pushya Yoga (17th November): Uncommon Auspicious 'Muhurat' on This Day



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Published: Friday, November 15, 2019, 7:00 (IST)

new Delhi. According to Vedic almanac, there are only a few days of the year in which many auspicious yogas come together. Those auspicious yoga removes many problems of human life and makes them get many happiness. One such auspicious day is coming on 17 November 2019, Sunday. Due to the coincidence of Pushya Nakshatra with Sunday on this day, Ravi-Pushya Yoga is created which is considered auspicious for permanent happiness and wealth. The second yoga is Ravi Yoga. On this day, Raviog has also been constructed in which the work done is immediately successful. The third yoga is the emergence of Mercury on this day. Mercury is the representative planet of wisdom, intelligence, wisdom, restraint and business. Therefore, the emergence of Mercury is an auspicious coincidence. In this way, the arrival of three auspicious coincidences like Ravi Pushya, Ravi Yoga and the rise of Mercury on the same day has become a great day.

Let's know what to do and how to get success on this day

What to do in Ravi Pushya and Ravi Yoga

What to do in Ravi Pushya and Ravi Yoga

  • Ravi Pushya Nakshatra is considered extremely auspicious for shopping. If you want to get permanent property happiness, then on this day do deal with your land, building, property. On this day, by purchasing a house, vehicle, that happiness is permanent and increases in it.
  • If you have an economic crisis in your life. Money is not being saved. If there are constant expenses, then after retiring from the morning bath on the day of Ravi Pushya Nakshatra, worship the mother Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu in their place of worship and offer yellow flowers to them. Apply Makhane Kheer and do 7 lessons of Srisukta. This will reduce your expenses gradually and will start saving money.

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Property and gold reserves grow

Property and gold reserves grow

  • Ravi Pushya Nakshatra is also considered auspicious for marital functions. Marriage related work can also be done on this day.
  • In the combination of Ravi Pushya and Ravi Yoga, buy a small square piece of gold and bring it to your house by worshiping it with kumkum. Property and gold reserves will begin to grow.
  • Divine medicine is also consumed in conjunction with Ravi Pushya. On this day, Ayurveda doctors administer medicines for good health.
What will be the effect of Mercury rise

What will be the effect of Mercury rise

Mercury, which has been going on since 5 November, will rise on 17 November. During the 12-day period, its effects were reduced or almost ceased to accrue to each of the zodiac signs. As soon as it rises on November 17, the auspicious effects of this planet will be available to the people of all zodiac signs. Those whose work related to writing and education will now be completed. The business was going through a slowdown, it will go away. Decision ability of people also gets weakened during Mercury. They tend to cause unnecessary delay in decision making. The rise of Mercury will speed up decision making and will enable you to take good decisions.

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